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The longest-lasting scent your home’s ever known

Whether you’re missing the fresh scents of summer or need a sophisticated cover-up for those cooking aromas, new Unstoppables will revolutionise your home fragrance

Cosy, comfy, dry and warm: as the weather gets cooler, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying more and more time indoors. But what might start as an enjoyable excuse for hunkering down can end up feeling oppressive, as the air gets stuffier and the home-life smells – from sports socks to burnt dinner – get more pungent.

That’s where new Unstoppables comes in. This fabulous range of home scent products from Febreze and Lenor offers unmatched levels of freshness in your home – for longer than ever.

Whether you choose the Unstoppables Scented Wax Melts, designed to fill your room with rich, invigorating freshness without a flame, or an Unstoppables Scented Candle, with double wicks for an even burn and hours of fragrance, this is scent like you’ve never known it.

Available in two luscious aromas, there’s an Unstoppables product to suit your mood and your home. Try the Fresh scent, which has a marine character enlivened with zesty green citrus fruits, resting on rich, creamy base notes, for a refreshing atmosphere that will bring some zing to your home. It’s especially appealing in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere that demands that ultra-clean feeling.



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Alternatively, why not bring the sunshine back into your home with the glorious Spring scent? Its floral character, resting on woody and amber base notes, brings a luxurious warmth to your home, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or any other part of the home that needs a flutter of fragrance.

Whichever scent you prefer, and whether you choose the Wax Melts or the Scented Candle, you can be sure your home will be unstoppably fresh – all year round.

Have you tried the new Febreze and Lenor Unstoppables scent? If so let us know what you think on the tried and tested page.

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