Vegetable Gardeins

Vegetable gardening guide for Spring

Follow this vegetable planting guide to get ahead in the garden, and come summer, you’ll have lots of tasty crops.

Begin planting these vegetables in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked.


  • Planting & Spacing: Plant seeds 2cm deep and approximately 5cm apart.
  • Harvesting: Spinach can reach heights of 30cm, but it’s best to harvest earlier. Harvest full size spinach before it bolts (that’s when it flowers) at the soil line, and clip small baby spinach leaves after three to five weeks. Snap off the outer leaves, or shear the entire plant 8cm above the ground.

Tip: Perfect for vegetable seeds, making your own seed tape creates an evenly spaced, less messy and more affordable garden!


  • Planting & Spacing: Plant seeds about 3cm deep, and gently firm the soil around them. Keep soil moist to ensure even germination. Space green and red leaf lettuces 18-20cm apart; Romaine 25-30cm apart; Butterhead 25cm apart. Space all rows 40cm apart.
  • Harvesting: Use the entire head or snap outer leaves of Butterhead lettuce when they are large enough to eat. Harvest leaf lettuce the same way you would Butterhead, but at all stages of growth. Plant new lettuce every three weeks for a continuous supply.

Tip: When the central stem of a lettuce or spinach plant begins to elongate, it’s beginning to bolt, so pull and eat the entire plant.


  • Planting & Spacing: If your garden has well-drained soil and full sun, you can grow onions from seed. Plant them in a 5cm wide band, about two seeds per 3cm; 2cm deep with rows about 30cm apart. Thin to 10cm apart for larger onions and 10cm apart for the sweet, mild varieties.
  • Harvesting: Different varieties mature at different rates, anywhere from three to four months. When onions begin to develop skins and tops are falling over, pull and sun-cure (see below) at least a week before removing tops.

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Tip: To sun-cure onions, let them sit in the sun for a day. After 24 hours, spread them out in a warm, well-ventilated area out of the sun. Cover with a light cotton sheet and hold it in place with stones along the edges. Turn the bulbs a couple of times so they dry evenly.


  • Planting & Spacing: Plant seeds in well-drained soil, 4cm apart in a 3cm band approximately 30 seeds for every 30cm, 2cm deep.
  • Harvesting: Pick when peas enlarge in the pods. Most varieties are ready for harvest 40 to 60 days after planting.

Tip: Install a trellis or chicken wire for the vines to climb. Or, tie six 12cm bamboo poles together at one end, then spread the untied ends apart and push into the ground to form a teepee. Plant pea seeds at the base of each pole and watch them climb!


  • Planting & Spacing: Plant seeds 10cm apart, 1-2cm deep, in 60cm wide rows in loose and sandy soil with good moisture-holding capacity. Water after planting and continue until seedlings emerge in one to three weeks. Cover carrot crowns with soil or mulch to prevent greening.
  • Harvesting: Baby varieties can harvest in as little as 36 days, while larger varieties average 55 days.

Tip: Pull one and check for a bright orange colour before harvesting the full crop.

Savvy Tip - make gardening a family affair
Why not get the kids into the garden, too? Our article Gardening projects for kids has ideas suitable for all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

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