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George Clarke’s top 6 space-saving ideas

George Clarke’s top 6 space-saving ideas

The architect and TV presenter shares six tips that will help make the most of every inch of your family home.

Don’t let the clutter in

George Clarke

George’s number one tip for a clutter-free home? Don’t buy so much stuff in the first place!
“Just having less stuff in your house to begin with always helps,” says George. “A more minimal, simpler way of living is good on every level. It’s less hassle, less cost, takes up less space, and you have to spend less time organising everything.”

So try to shop more consciously, thinking about whether you really need the item and where you would keep it. Also have a good sort through your things, and be ruthless about what you can live without. “If you’ve got less, you need less, you do less!” adds George. Sounds good, right?

P&G SAVVY TIP: multi-tasking products such as Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner mean you can clean all your surfaces, but you only need one bottle!

Be smart with storage

George Clarke

“Good, sensible storage that’s well organised makes a massive difference to the family home,” says George. And there are varying levels of storage, he adds.

“You have everyday storage that you need lots of access to; storage that you might need to get to once or twice a week; then there’s the stuff that you’re never going to really need, but you really want to keep.”

So, for example, you might want to keep your everyday storage on shelves and in baskets, your weekly items in drawers, cupboards and boxes, and your long-term storage in chests, on upper cupboard shelves and in the loft.

P&G SAVVY TIP: remember to store your Flash, Febreze, Fairy, Viakal and other household products high up, away from curious kids!

Make it beautiful

George Clarke

Storage itself can be an important part of your home’s design. “The more beautiful your storage looks, the nicer it is to have it on display,” points out George. “If you’ve got beautiful boxes with your things in them, you could just have them sitting on your shelves.”

So look for printed boxes, woven baskets and beautiful solid-wood chests to store away your treasures, and you’ll love your storage even more than what you keep in it!

P&G SAVVY TIP: you can keep woven or felt baskets, fabric and rattan boxes and even soft toys fresh with a quick spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray.

Buy for your needs

George Clarke

It’s all well and good buying in bulk for value for money, but you need to think about where you’re going to keep it all!

“My mum, if she thinks she’s getting a good deal on a product, she’ll buy 50 litres of it – and then 49 litres have to sit around in cupboards forever,” laughs George. “You end up living in a storage warehouse rather than a home!”

So just buy what you need, and remember it’s more about quality than quantity.

P&G SAVVY TIP:  if you do the dishes with a more effective product, such as Fairy Platinum Washing-Up Liquid, you will use less of it per wash, so it will last you longer. Sorted!

Tips on toys

George Clarke

When you’ve got kids, it’s inevitable that toys are going to have to feature in your home. Carefully crafted wooden toys can be beautiful, but toys involving brightly coloured plastic, buttons and rattles…? Not so much.  

“You just need to think about where they’re going to be put,” advises George. “For example, the beautiful things can go in the living room, so your kids can play in an open-plan living space. Then the ugly stuff you can just keep in their bedroom!”

P&G SAVVY TIP: if your kids’ play area extends to using the walls as an art space, you can remove scribbles without damaging paint using a Flash Magic Eraser.

Have a dedicated clutter zone

George Clarke

It’s unrealistic for a family home to be totally organised and clutter-free. The good news is that George says we can all have a zone for clutter.

“Maybe there’s one cheeky little drawer in the house where you just chuck your keys, your wallet or purse, and your watch in,” says George. “So it’s like organised chaos – you kind of know what clutter’s in there. I love that.”

This article was brought to you by Flash, Febreze, Fairy and Viakal.

For more tips on making the most of your space, see George Clarke’s top 4 ways to make your home look bigger.

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