5 ways to get your laundry perfect

Everyone wants perfect laundry the first time. Well, with the right help, you can achieve the best laundry results the first time - every time. Here are some tips for a laundry routine that will give you more time to spend doing the things you love.

Torn up tissue all over the wash, detergent marks left on your favourite clothes, or colours fading away after the wash. All of them are annoying, and all of them are avoidable.

You can get a perfect laundry routine, though, and it starts with being prepared.

1) Get separate laundry baskets

Get 3 baskets, one for colours, one for whites, and one for delicates. Then you don’t need to sort come wash time, it’s already done.

2) Check pockets

Always make sure to give pockets one more look before starting the wash. You never know what “treat” has been left behind, so make sure to remove it before you start.

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3) Use the right detergent

Ariel gets to work on tough stains in just one wash, so you don’t have to worry whether that ketchup stain needs extra treatment. Just leave it to Ariel.

4) Dose and load right

Too much detergent is a waste, while too many clothes in the drum can lead to unsightly detergent marks. Use the one-palm trick to check if your drum is full, and always check dosing instructions on the pack.

5) Use a fabric conditioner that keeps your clothes fresh for longer

Lenor helps keep your clothes fresh for longer than ever before. Just add it to the dispenser drawer when you start your wash with Ariel, and let it work its magic.

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Definitely a must to check for tissues in pockets, if not it leaves all clothes in the machine totally covered in little bits and I end up having to wash it all again as no amount of shaking gets it off, so I really make the effort to check pockets as it saves so much time if not :)

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Yes, always check pockets! Even a tissue is a real nuisance when it is shredded and stuck to all your other clothes. I also recommend undoing shirt cuff buttons. I do a light wash and a dark wash as otherwise all the clothes end up grey.

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