Add a touch of luxury to every day

Add a touch of luxury to every day

Lavish a little care on yourself – you’ve earned it

Sticking to a budget shouldn’t deprive you of life’s little luxuries. So here are some simple ways give yourself some five-star treatment at home.

To shine like a star… make an olive oil hair mask

Olive oil can improve the look, feel and the manageability of your hair. It adds shine and prevents breakage in all hair types – so don’t just keep it for the salad.

To make your mask:

  • Choose extra virgin olive oil. Try adding a sprig of rosemary or lavender to the bottle a few days beforehand for a hint of fragrance
  • Pour about 5 tbsp of the oil into a small bowl and whisk in a few drops of honey until the mixture achieves a smooth (but not sticky) consistency
  • Massage evenly into damp hair. Put on a shower cap and leave for 90 minutes
  • Rinse out the mask and thoroughly shampoo your hair, using lukewarm water to enhance the shine


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To be flawless for your close-up… make an oatmeal face mask

Oatmeal costs pennies but works wonders for calming the skin. It can also be used to remedy dryness.

Here’s a simple recipe:

  • Grind 1/2 cup oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder to make a smooth powder
  • In another bowl, mix a 1/4 cup of plain yogurt with 2 tbsp honey, then add to the oatmeal and stir to make a smooth paste
  • Pat the mixture onto clean skin, avoiding the delicate eye areas
  • Leave for 15 minutes then remove with a wash cloth and splash your face with warm water

Another way to up the feel good factor

Here’s another way to add a touch of luxury to your day. New Lenor Unstoppables™ - a range of scent boosters that you add straight to your wash. They give a remarkable 12 weeks of boosted freshness* to your clothes – something you’ll remember every time you get dressed.

12 weeks means you an entire winter, summer or spring of luxurious scent, simply by wearing your everyday clothes. Talk about an easy way to create a can-do feeling.

Try the LAVISH scent for a rich, creamy blend of peach notes and red roses, ideal for lingerie, nightwear and party dresses.

Now read more easy tips to up your feel good factor.

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I recieved my free sample of it, not thinking it would be that good as i am not a fan of the lenor products but this stuff. THIS is the business right here. It smells beautiful, i washed all my blankets with this stuff ready for the colder nights coming in and i can honestly say, the whole house smells beautiful down to these little guys. I would definitely get a full bottle of this stuff. Love, love, love it!!

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