Add some zing to your mornings - Top tips to help make the most of your day

Add some zing to your mornings - Top tips to help make the most of your day

Rise and really shine

On those rare mornings we get the chance, it’s tempting to have a lie-in. Yet getting up and out from under the duvet can be really rewarding.

Resist the snooze button

A recent sleep study shows that pressing the snooze button may actually make you more tired because dozing messes around with your body clock’s natural rhythm. Instead, the boffins advise getting up at the same time every day. This tells your biological system when it needs to get going and is even more important than having a regular bedtime. So tape down that snooze button or, better still, put your alarm clock out of reach.

Just a squeeze of lemon

Once you’re up, try replacing that first cup of coffee with a glass of lemon and hot water. Nutritionists claim this will clear your skin, boost your immunity, rev your metabolism – and a whole lot more. Use the juice of half a lemon spiced up with a pinch of ground cinnamon or ginger. Lemons keep for up to 10 days at room temperature so make them part of your list whenever you do a major shop.


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Fighting fit

According to the NHS, regular exercise cuts your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer by up to 50%. Exercise first thing and you’ll feel virtuous all day and you won’t need to take another shower later. Getting off to such a positive start will encourage you to keep on making healthy choices.
So, whether it’s Yoga, Pilates or punching that boxing instructor on the Wii, go for it.

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I usually have a glass of lemon and hot water first thing but never thought of adding ginger...will give that a try

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