The Benefits of a good nights sleep

Bright eyed and bushy tailed – the benefits of a good night’s sleep

A great night’s sleep can really affect how we look and feel so it is important to know all the tricks for getting the most restful night possible

In February it can be tricky to keep up with those New Year’s resolutions we enthusiastically started back in January. So whether you vowed to be healthier, more relaxed or perhaps to just make more time for yourself – then don’t give up the good work now!

Sleep is key for a happy, healthy lifestyle but for over six in ten people the stress of day-to-day life alone is enough to prevent a good night’s kip, with other regular sleep disruptions being noisy neighbours and partners snoring or tossing and turning in bed!


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We have some top tips from the leading sleep expert and author of The Good Sleep Guide, Sammy Margo, to help you get a good night’s sleep and keep up the great start to 2013:


Bedtime routine
Build time into your day for a bedtime routine. We are more like dimmer switches than ‘on-off switches’ so we need time to unwind. This may include a warm bath, a hot milky drink/chamomile tea and listening to some relaxing music or an audio book.

Pull your socks up 
Wear socks to bed. Cold feet = a poor night's sleep. Due to the fact that they have the poorest circulation, the feet often feel cold before the rest of the body and studies have shown that wearing socks reduces night awakenings.

Use sunlight to set your body clock
As soon as you get up in the morning, go outside and get some fresh air for 10 minutes. The bright sunlight (or any bright light) tells your body’s natural biological clock that it’s time to wake up and that same clock will then be set to tell your body it’s time to go to sleep about 14-16 hours later.

Exercise to sleep
Regular exercisers have better quality sleep. Aerobic exercise in particular has a significant impact on sleep particularly when it’s done in daylight so try to integrate exercise into your life by moving throughout the day e.g. getting off the bus one stop early, taking a walk in your lunch break etc.

Bath before bedtime
Take a warm fragrant (lavender or chamomile) bath an hour before bed time. You want to slightly heat up your body, which will then cause it to cool down when you get out of the bath. This then leads to better sleep. Watch out! A bath that's too hot disrupts this process.

According to The World Association of Sleep Medicine Foundation (WASM), which is supporting Lenor’s ‘Fresh Sheet Week’ campaign to help improve the nation’s quality of sleep, insufficient sleep not only affects our work and energy levels, it has a huge impact on our overall mood and wellbeing.

The effect our bed linen has on our mood is also striking, with a staggering 83% of Brits going on to have an unproductive day if they’ve not slept in clean, fresh bedding! Unfortunately, however, only a mere 5% of us feel that the clean, fresh sheet feeling lasts longer than a couple of days.

That is why Lenor® is encouraging everyone to give Fresh Sheet Week a try by using one of their improved ranges of fabric softener that promise up to seven times longer lasting freshness.

So give Fresh Sheet Week a try and see how the great scent of clean, fresh sheets can help you enjoy a great night’s sleep for a whole week!

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I do all of the above and love fresh clean bedding just being washed

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I never realised that sunlight sets the bodyclock, but I guess it's obvious really. ...It's funny how I'm always that bit more awake on the days I hang the washing outside... now I know why!

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I soooo agree with this article. I guess the problem is finding the time, when you work and have so many other jobs to do before going o bed, by the time you have done everything, its almost time for the alarm to go off! great ideas though...

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I agree totally with this post nothing makes a day like a good sleep Nd I have noticed before a couple good nights sleep tends to help you keep that pattern. The fresh sheets comments have to be true nothing like the feeling of fresh sheets so am going to go out and buy Lenor's fresh sheet week and see how it goes. I will report back.

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