Choose the right cardigan for your body shape

Choose the right cardigan for your body shape

There are cloths that are just timeless, because they look gorgeous with everything for every occasion. Here is how to make the most of your cardigan based on your body shape.

The hourglass figure

This body figure type comes with busts and hips with equal size. Keep away from putting extra bulk on your bust and go for stretchy materials, solid and dark colours if you would like to downplay your curves. Put on a light, silk blouse and choose cardigans from soft fabrics that draw in toward the waist or ones that stop just above your hips – knitted ones look absolutely stunning on you - as they will gorgeously accentuate your curves with a gentle embrace on your figure. Lenor fabric softener will keep this delicate fabric at its best all time!

The apple figure (V)

Women with this body shape have broad shoulders and narrower hips, so you should draw attention downward.

High-waisted styles and bright colours on the bottom are just perfect for your figure. Monochrome colours will make you look longer, while heavy patterns may not be the best choice for you. Choose longer cardigans and leave them open, they will optically lengthen your figure. Don’t go for cropped or short ones, your upper body is already strong enough. Choose simple garments, both colour- and pattern-wise, a slimming cardigan that nips in at your waist will just beautifully enhance your hips.

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The pear figure (A)

If you have a pear figure your hip measurement is bigger than the bust so you should add volume to your shoulder, emphasize your waist and minimise your hips. You should go with push-up bras, wide collars, embellished tops, tight around the waist. Longer cardigans with wide sleeves look also good on your figure!

Neither should you forget to apply a thin belt to cinch them in! Stick to dark colours from the waist down, because they give a slimming effect and choose straight leg pants or ones that are flared at the bottom. And when it comes to the right accessories, you should really give statement necklaces a chance, they will draw the attention to your upper body.

The banana body figure (I)

Experts say it is the easiest body figure to dress: the shoulders are balanced with the waist and hip. Choose clothes to break up your length, do layers to add dimensions. Collars, ruffles, frills, pleating will flatter your chest, so you should go with them. Choose long cardigans and never forget to mark your waist with a belt! Belts are your best friends when it comes to highlighting your figure. You should stick to wrap dresses and halter neck tops under it. Wear straight leg skinny jeans and A-line skirts, because they will draw the attention exactly where it is needed the most.

See, there is no reason to keep a cardigan boring, when it can bring the most out of you.

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