Five ways to get your kids into nature

Five ways to get your kids into nature

Summer barely comes but once a year, so here are some ways to make sure your little ones actually get outside and enjoy it

These days, kids are too often glued to a screen – whether it belongs to a phone, TV or computer – and it can be hard to get them enthusiastic about the outside world.

But it’s important to get children in touch with nature – not only as a learning experience, but also because studies have found that immersing yourself in the great outdoors can improve health and happiness. So it’s a great idea to start them young and help them to become passionate about the wonders of nature.

One way to encourage them is to invite nature-inspired scents into your home. Lenor has launched a new range of fragrances – Deep Sea Minerals, Silk Tree Blossom and Shea Butter – that will bring the outside in. So simply add a capful of Lenor Fabric Conditioner to your laundry and your kids will love the summer-like smell of their clothes, towels and bedclothes.

And once you’ve finally managed to pry them away from those screens, here are five ideas to help engage them with the great outdoors…

1. Take them on a nature trail

Head for your nearest wood (check out if you’re not sure where yours is) and go prepared with a nature book and a list of things you want them to spot. For example, something shiny / an insect with wings / a blooming flower / a feather. While they’re looking, use the nature book to identify anything else that catches their eye.

2. Grow a sunflower

Sunflowers are great for kids as not only are they bright and sunny, but they can grow taller than them – and even you! – with some growing six feet in just three months.

They’re easy to grow, too, as they are happy in any kind of soil. They do need full sun though, and can be damaged by frost, so this one is best for the summertime.

Plant the seed one to two inches deep. Cover with soil and water daily until it sprouts in seven to 10 days. Continue to water regularly – but be careful not to waterlog the soil – and you should have a strong, tall sunflower in no time. Remember to take a picture of it towering over your little gardener!



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3. Go cloud spotting

When you’re next at the park together and it’s a warm, dry day, kick off your shoes and socks and lie down on the grass so you’re looking up at the sky.

Spend some time watching the clouds roll by, and point out any that are shaped like something else – a heart, or an animal, for example. It’s a lovely and relaxing way to while away the time.

4. Make a bird feeder

Get crafty and make your own bird feeder – click here to find out how. Hang it in the garden, close to a window so the kids can keep an eye out for any feathered friends – and sneaky squirrels – that come for a feed.

Keep a bird-spotting book and a pair of binoculars on the windowsill for optimum twitching.

5. Create a nature treasure chest

Each time you head outside, get the kids to scavenge for interesting and pretty flora, such as leaves, pine cones, acorns, feathers and so on. Ask them to call you over before they pick it up so you can make sure it’s not dangerous or attached to anything (i.e. to ensure the feather’s not still on the bird!).

Back home, take an old shoebox and get the kids to cover it in nature-inspired drawings, bark rubbings and pine cone prints. Then each time you’re back from a walk they can put their findings in their ‘nature treasure chest’.

For more ways to keep the children entertained without the help of a gadget, check out our article, Unplug your kids from the computer.

How do you get your kids excited about nature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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My 2 love the outdoors. We go away lots in our tourer. Exploring and enjoying life after a wk at work and school.

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My children LOVE growing their own plants. Hanging baskets are fab for strawberry plants and watching them eat what they have grown is so cute!! Home bargains also have pre cut wooden bird houses ready to make and paint if u wanna cheat and do it quick ha.... the birds love ours xx

  • Report it



I got my daughter into growing her own fruit she has even grown apple trees from pips she loves going outdoors to check if our friendly hedgehog is still living under the tree in our garden she loves to see what new insects have arrived outdoors

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Good ideas. A bird feeder can be very entertaining. Scouts and Guides emphasise nature and outdoors.

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