Red wine, candles and cosmetics: 4 stain removal tips

Red wine, candles and cosmetics: 4 stain removal tips

We can’t live life staying perfectly clean in a giant bubble, so here are some handy three-step cleaning solutions to help you sort your everyday messes and get rid of those hard-to-remove stains.

'I spilled a glass of red wine on our cream carpet'

It’s only at that point that you wonder why you didn’t have a party before you bought the cream carpet, isn’t it? These things happen! Help is at hand.

• Firstly, don’t cover it with white wine, that’s a myth! Instead, use a clean piece of cloth to soak up any excess liquid without spreading the spillage further.
• While the stain is still wet, pour regular table salt over it and you’ll see it quickly start to soak up the wine. Leave this for as long as possible then vacuum up the salt.

'I stained my white blouse on a bunch of flowers'

It’s so lovely to be given a bouquet of lilies, but the pollen on the pistils (the middle bit) can stain really badly. So looked pleased, but accept those blooms with caution!

• Don’t not scrub the stain as that will embed the pollen in the fabric.
• Instead, take a piece of sticky tape and dab this over the stain to remove as much of the pollen as possible.
• Using a white cloth soaked in make-up remover, gently dab the mark, then put this cloth and the blouse in the washing machine together.


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'I’ve got candle wax on my favourite table cloth'

Ah, a romantic dinner for two. Looks lovely in the darkness, but in the morning you can see the crusty pools of wax where the candles have dripped, ugh.

• Wait until the wax cools down fully and gentle peel off as much as you can by hand.
• Place kitchen roll underneath and on top of the table cloth where the mark is, then use an iron on a low heat to iron over the wax.
• The kitchen towel absorbs the softened wax, but make sure you don’t put the iron straight onto the wax or you’ll have a bigger mess on your hands.

'I spilled nail varnish on my trousers'

The problem with doing your nails is you need both hands for the task, leaving that little bottle in danger of tipping over…

• Soak the cloth in nail varnish remover, gently rub the stain making sure not to spread it over a bigger area.
• Repeat the action until it has completely disappeared.
• If the stain is small, dip a cotton bud in the remover and use this, for greater precision.

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