Giles Deacon’s new range will create great memories

Giles Deacon’s new range will create great memories

Fashion and fragrance are perfect partners
Iconic fashion designer Giles Deacon has partnered with Lenor and Bold to create a new collection called ‘Dress for the Moment.’ It features stunning concept clothes and a limited fabric care edition featuring inspiring scents.

The power of scent
According to scientists, scent is the only one of our senses that connects directly to the emotional bit of our brain. So when it comes to remembering the feelings from special moments of our lives, nothing is more important than fragrance. And that’s why Lenor and Bold, with their gorgeous scents, are so important to Giles.

Feelings that live on through our clothes
For Giles, clothes are all about feelings. “The way the fabric moves and feels next to our skin… create some unforgettable memories… and have a positive psychological effect on our wellbeing.” He certainly understands the role of good fabric care. “It helps to capture the emotional bond with our clothes.”
The link between feelings, memories and a good fabric conditioner is behind his ‘Dress for the Moment’ concept clothes. These are garments that make the wearer feel fabulous the first time they are worn, then help evoke that emotion in all its glory when worn again. “My designs capture that feeling,” says Giles. “So that the wearer can enjoy the positive feelings that well cared-for clothes retain.”



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The Giles Deacon range
The new Bold and Lenor packs are as confident and colourful as Giles’s fabrics themselves, with a fabulous pop art feel. Wild Flower Bloom, Diamond and Lotus Flower, Ocean Escape, Amethyst and Floral Bouquet, Peony and Cherry Blossom – even the names stir the emotions. Exotic flowers, waves in motion, shining gems all spring to mind.
Everything in this exclusive range can be relied on to help your favourite clothes last longer without losing their magic. Giles describes them as, “Those treasured pieces that get chosen time and time again because of how they fit and feel when you wear them, creating lasting moments.”

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