You are what you wear

You are what you wear

Your clothes are a big part of how you feel – so feel good with the Limited Edition Collection designed by Giles Deacon inspired by Bold & Lenor scents.

Twelve years. That’s how long the average person keeps an item of clothing. We’re attached to our clothes, they can hold deep personal and emotional significance, affect the way we feel, and speak for us: they’re an expression of our sense of self to the rest of the world.

“Clothes are essential to who we are,” explains Dr Lawrence Rosenblum, a leading expert in cognitive psychology, who explores our relationship with clothes through the theory of ‘embodied cognition’. “We show our identity through our clothes but they also influence our identity through how we think people see us and how we react to their responses.”



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Care for clothes – care for you
In a world obsessed with the way clothes look, Bold & Lenor is obsessed with the way they make you feel. Because they believe that caring for clothes is caring for you too. Pour in Bold & Lenor and you’re enhancing the scent and feel of your clothes and the emotions they hold.

Care to Dress for the Moment?
Now Bold & Lenor’s obsession for the way clothes feel has gone one step further, beyond fabrics to the design itself. In his role as Global Fashion Consultant for Bold & Lenor, fashion designer Giles Deacon has created a concept collection of five garments for Lenor, and limited-edition bottle designs for the collection. The range reminds us that we can dress for the moment to capture the emotional bond we create with our clothes in special moments.

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