How to make special moments memorable

How to make special moments memorable

Have you ever heard about the Proust-Effect? Probably. Probably not. It is most likely though, that you have experienced it several times in your life. The Proust-Effect is called after famous french author Marcel Proust. He wrote a whole novel of childhood memories, that are triggered by just one thing: The smell of freshly baked cookies.

Now, this is something we all know. Sometimes we browse through our photo-albums, we see a picture of a moment that once was beautiful – and ask ourselves what was the big deal about it. And then we walk down a street, autopilot on, deeply in our daily routines, and suddenly find ourselves brought back into grannie’s house. Just because we smell the scent of apple-pie and freshly boiled coffee.

Scientists say, that our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotional memory. That means, when we experience something being exposed to a distinctive smell, it is stored in our brains in much more details and vividness. Not only the visual sensation. Not only a vague remembrance of Grannie’s coffee-talk – but also the texture of the coffee-table, the ticking of her kitchen clock, the reflections of the sunlight in the water of her flower vase and how we felt, when she was telling her stories. Not only the memory, the memory in all of its details. Not only all the details, but all the emotions that came with each of them.

And whenever we are exposed to that smell again, the magic happens. We do not remember, we do relive. We experience the moment again, with almost the same intensity. This is actually great news. Because you can use distinctive scents to make the best moments of your life unforgettable.



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So probably we should all have a distinctive smell nearby, when a special moments happen. A special perfume perhaps. Probably your clothes infused with the scent of a fabric softener, such as Lenor. It might be, that you’re one day walk down a street, autopilot on, and then a waft of freshness reminds you of one of the best moments in your life.

Let’s be ready to go out there and catch the moment.

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