Instant refreshers to pep up your day

Instant refreshers to pep up your day

Let’s beat that tired and jaded feeling

Even 24-hour party people can sometimes find life a bit of a slog – especially when you have to cope with Monday morning blues or the torrid tantrums of the terrible twos. When you’re flagging, try these tips:

Carry a mist bottle

Facial mist sprays are designed to set your make-up and brighten your face. However, tap water can also be good for an instant burst of freshness. Make sure you moisturise shortly before or after you spritz to avoid drying out your skin.

Stay hydrated

If you’re struggling to get through the recommended eight glasses of water a day, try filling a large plastic bottle half way with water and pop it in the freezer. Once frozen, top it up with filtered water, a tablespoon of lemon concentrate and a dash of no-calorie sweetener. Voila; a cool and healthy alternative to plain old tap water.

Eat healthy snacks


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Bored of fruit and nuts? Try these easy and nutritious alternatives:

    • Raw garden peas or wasabi peas
    • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds
    • A handful of dry, reduced sugar cereal with a few raisins or sultanas
    • Pitta and salsa dip
    • Flavoured rice cakes
    • Celery sticks filled with low-fat cream cheese
    • Homemade popcorn, minus the sugar and salt

    Exercise whenever you can

    The benefits of exercise are clear, but getting into the habit isn’t always so easy. Here are few ideas to try:

    • Get off the bus one stop early
    • Park your car in the furthest spot from the supermarket doors
    • Take the stairs rather than the lift
    • Jog on the spot during TV ad breaks (seriously…)

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