Louise Redknapp’s Secret to Confidence: “I think when you’re happy, your face lights up, it shows!”

Louise Redknapp’s Secret to Confidence: “I think when you’re happy, your face lights up, it shows!”

Louise Redknapp shares her top tips for feeling confident and explains why fashion is her secret weapon!

Louise Redknapp is a busy working wife and mum with two young children. So a lot like us, then…

Okay, she is a business woman, fashion guru and former pop star with a famous footballer as a husband, but when we caught up with her at the end of her Strictly Come Dancing Tour, she was very down to earth and could certainly relate to the problems most mums face.

One such worry is how to stay confident no matter the challenge, but Louise finds fashion helps her feel on top of the world!

“For some people it’s their hair, for some people it’s their make-up, their nails – for me fashion plays a big part in my day-to-day life,” she told us. “It excites me. I love texture, I love fabric, I love things that are creative, and so it’s a true passion.”

Louise has managed to turn that passion into a business with her fashion blog, A Style Album, plus she’s involved with Ariel’s “Redefine Clean” campaign, along with fashion designer Giles Deacon.

The campaign involved a social experiment where Giles Deacon designed a capsule collection called the Eek! Collection. The items of clothing had been deliberately stained and then washed with Ariel 3in1 Pods to become “clean like new”. Every shopper that entered the store to view the collection believed the clothes were brand new as the colours were bright, the whites were brilliant white and they were stain-free.

Louise loves the fact that Ariel 3in1 Pods cleans clothes like new in 1 wash, as she understands how great an item of clothing can make you feel. Indeed, 79% of women surveyed by Ariel said that new clothes are great for giving a confidence boost when they need it most.

Louise agrees: “When I wear something I feel good in, it makes me feel confident. Whether it’s a flattering shape or a good colour on me, there’s something about clothes that put a spring in my step, gives me an added dose of confidence and makes me feel good.”

So what other secrets does she have that help her keep confident as a busy mum? We quizzed her on work, being a mum, and her favourite power outfits…

Louise, your career has spanned 20 years, what have been your favourite moments?
I would have to say Strictly Come Dancing has been one of them – it’s enabled me to get back out there. I feel good about myself. I feel that it’s given me a bit of identity back. And of course having a pop career has been my first love. Singing and performing in both Eternal and as a solo artist I experiences so many incredible moments it’s hard to pick!

You must be a confident person to be in the public eye?
I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m very honest and upfront about everything, I can’t hide what I’m feeling. I’m a pretty positive person because I feel very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.

Rather than being a diva or being hard work, I’m just honest and hopefully approachable and I think that helps people get on with you and helps your days go smoothly when you’re working. That goes for any job, in any walk of life.

Do you have any tricks to ensure you are confident and ready to face the challenges life throws at you?
Everyone has bad days - When I did Strictly Come Dancing I lost both of my grandparents. I couldn’t say that week, “Please can we start next week” – you can’t, you’ve just got to go ahead and do it.

I think that ‘game face’, or being able to turn things on comes with this territory and this job. If you’re having a bad day or something’s gone wrong, you’re letting a lot of other people down, so you just know [your] game face has got to go on!

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What advice would you give new mums on how to get new-found confidence after having a baby?
Take your time, don’t beat yourself up. Set yourself small goals and small challenges, don’t expect things to happen too fast. It’s really hard as a woman when you’ve had a family and you’re not working – you can lose a little bit of yourself.

Be fearless, be strong; always put one foot in front of the other. Don’t succumb to anybody else’s expectations, just always do what is right for you. And don’t hold back. As women we hold back and we’re not direct, we feel bad for wanting things and wanting to be successful, but just don’t. You’ve got to carry on trudging forward.

What outfit makes you feel most confident on a night out?
I have a bit of a style uniform – you can’t beat a black pencil skirt with a killer heel and a simple T-shirt and blazer or leather jacket – that’s my standard, slightly rock and roll, look.

What outfit makes you feel most empowered for a business meeting?
Comfy – I tend to not do stilettos in the day; I either wear boots or trainers. So a bit of a boot, cropped trouser, roll neck and a nice jacket or coat. I’m all about a smart jacket – living in the UK you always need one!

What do you wear when you are relaxing at home?
The minute I go indoors I walk straight up to my wardrobe and put a tracksuit on. I never wear normal clothes indoors. I go for a tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie and woolly socks!

What would you recommend women buy to update their wardrobe for spring?
There are a few pieces that will always be classic. A cool shirt with the arms rolled up, with some detailing on the cuff or shoulder to give it a military look – something that makes it a bit different to a work-style shirt. It doesn’t get any better. No matter the fashion, it’s a look that never goes out of style.

A good blazer, sexy heels, a good pair of denims – find a pair that suit you and fit you. You can never go wrong with a biker jacket to go from work to night. They’re great investments. Also a really classic-cut trouser with trainers. Mixing the high and the low makes things look like high fashion!

Do you feel under pressure to always wear something new?
No, I love bringing out things I’ve had for ages. There’s something quite exciting about clothes you’ve had for years when you first bring them back out. When I wear them I’m so happy because they look just as good as new!

How do you manage to look so fresh?
I don’t always! I sometimes look tired, but that’s life! I try and love life. I think when you’re happy, your face lights up, it shows!

Do you ever suffer from first wash anxiety when you buy a new garment?
Yes – that feeling when you’ve just bought something and you stain it and you worry, “Is it going to wash and come out as good as new?”

Do you get the kids involved in the laundry or household chores?
I try to get them involved, clearing the table, a bit of hoovering, but they’re boys!

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What are your tips for confidence? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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