Never lose a sock again

Never lose a sock again

Sometimes little things that secretly steal happiness and comfort in your life are not appreciated enough. During chilly afternoons or after a long and tiresome day you couldn’t wish for a better companion than a comfortable sock that – if in perfect condition – will care for your feet with softness and warmth.

The fluffy pink sock, the warm black pair, the bright white ones - you wear them constantly, even to bed sometimes, so care for them accordingly! When sorting, it is important to avoid mixing the coloured ones with your white garments. Small a sock is, but very tricky: loves to stay hidden in the load. ‘Eh, they are just socks’ you might say. Yes, they are, but colours will be colours, fading when not taken care of, so always separate the clothes prior to washing with special attention to colours and fabrics (delicates, whites, darks, bold shades) allowing Ariel to work its best.

How to clean your favorite socks

You wear your socks day and night, in and out. But do you wear them proud? Socks are highly exposed to stains, inevitable collect the smallest dirt, and also might suffer damage if shoes leak colours. Now, if you happen to be a believer of washing socks on high temperature is a must, there is a hint: you are actually wrong! It depends on the chosen detergents: Ariel (with an optional boost of stain remover in heavy cases) does it on 30 degrees and stains don’t stand a chance.

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Solve the mystery of the lost sock for good

However, when laundry is done a few socks are gone. This mysterious habit of socks is like a predetermined law of the laundry process, but it can be overruled with such easy practices like washing them separately from other garments, using a few clips or putting them in a washing net. Have you ever thought of using those clips that fix the clothes on the line to pair your socks before washing them? These simple practices will make socks stick with you through ages. A net is also perfect to prevent them from being stuck inside the washer, which can be really annoying especially if you wash your whites in the next round. Moreover, a net can be used several times even for other smaller garments, not just for socks. If you apply these simple tricks, ending up in frustration due to colour mixing or in mismatched socks are over.

Spare time to do what you would really love to by being practical and your socks will guard your steps in perfect condition.

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