Does your detergent pass the tea towel test

Does your detergent pass the tea towel test?

Mums have discovered the secret to getting those tea towels clean – and it’s as easy as one, two, three

The kitchen is at the heart of the home, and nothing quite beats the quality family time of sitting around the dinner table together.

This also means it’s one of the rooms you have to keep clean and hygienic, and one of the go-to items for everything, from drying dishes to wiping worktop splodges, is the trusty tea towel.

It’s important, then, that your tea towel comes out of the wash clean and fresh, but this rarely happens thanks to the multitude of stains it endures.

However, Ariel 3in1 pods combine the power of three different detergents to clean, lift stains and keep whites bright. This means there’s no messing round with different products; you can just pop a pod in the back of the drum and away you go.

Putting the pods to the ultimate test, these mums washed their soiled tea towels with Ariel 3in1 Pods.

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This is what they thought:

“This is the only clothes washing product that I have found that gets tea towels (that double as oven mitts at times!) sparklingly clean at low temperatures. Great stuff!”

“If you follow the instructions and put the tab at the back of your machine they work like a dream cleaning my old tea towels and bringing them up like new. It's a bit shameful to think they were that dirty! At first I thought the tabs might not melt properly and leave residue on our clothes so I turned every thing inside out but it’s really not necessary. I love these little colourful tabs and people have commented on the lovely smell on my son’s school uniform jumpers too.”
Nicky 2000

“These capsules work really well in my hard water wash. Tea and often greasy stained tea towels come up dazzlingly clean. I would rather pay a few pence more for this quality product and use a lower temperature wash - which more than makes up for the higher cost of Ariel. Really impressed with the cleaning results.”

“I tried the free sample on my tea towels. They were wonderfully clean and smelled great. Most of the stains were completely removed, just a couple of stubborn ones didn't go. Would definitely use again.”

“No bleeding of colours, white hankies and tea towels nice and clean, and coloured items bright. Nice fresh smell. I will buy to try again.”

Have you tried Ariel 3in1 on your tea towels? Let us know in the comments section below or on our tried and tested page.

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