Top tips to tackle teen laundry

Top tips to tackle teen laundry

A battlefield. That can be the only word able to describe a teenage boy’s bedroom sometimes. Clothes strewn everywhere, dirty and clean mixed together, freshly ironed shirts carelessly thrown in a pile.

It’s easy to get disheartened. After all, you’ve just spent hours washing, drying and ironing those clothes with care. The least he could do is take care of them afterwards, right?

There’s a particular item of clothing that seems only to belong to teenage boys: the 4in1. It’s a simple item. Well, items, as it consists of a vest, t-shirt, shirt and jumper taken off together and dumped into the washing basket as one.

Doing laundry for teenagers is hard work. Items get thrown in the wash that really don’t need washing, or even can’t be washed in the machine. And there are always pockets stuffed with loose change, tissues and chewing gum.

So relax and separate out everything that goes together. You’re not going to be able to simplify this part of the wash, so concentrate on doing what you can to make it easier.

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One way is with the right laundry detergent. Ariel removes tough stains in just one wash, so you have to spend less time fussing over those mysterious stains. Just get them in the washing machine, and let Ariel do its work.

You know they’re just going to be thrown into his wardrobe anyway, so help his clothes keep their freshness forlonger with Lenor. Just add it to the dispenser drawer during your wash, and let it do its magic.

Soon your teenager’s clothes will be fresh, clean and ready to be dirtied all over again. So let Ariel and Lenor make your laundry process as easy as it’s possible to be. Then relax, until next week’s return to the battlefield.

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The 4 in 1, so true ! I live with 3 teenage boys and I can really appreciate the 4 in 1 !

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