Turning laundry into child’s play

Turning laundry into child’s play

Young children can have all kinds of wonderful ideas about washing, but not all of them are really suitable for every day. So what happens when your little one has a great idea? We spoke to a mum to find out.

It’s normal for my daughter to be on the move all the time. She’s 3 and a half, she’s always trying to do things on her own. So when I saw her walking through the hall, staggering along under a big pile of freshly washed, dried and ironed whites, I didn’t bat an eyelid. Or at first I didn’t.

It was my son, two and a half years older, who first noticed she had a steely determination to her. So naturally, unlike me, he asked her what she was doing.

’I’m making my clothes pink in the magic machine.’

Well that was interesting. It turned out that her friend Katy’s mother had washed her whites in with a red sock, turning everything pink. Of course, my little angel found it hilarious, and wanted all of her clothes to be pink, too!

So, I thought, why not start her early. I took her to the machine and helped her load a fresh batch of washing – not the clean clothes she’d carried through the house. Then I showed her how simple it is to put in the right amount of Ariel liquid, how to choose the right setting, and let her press the button to start the wash.

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Of course, I then put the bottle of Ariel safely away and out of her reach.

After the wash, we unloaded the fresh clothes and she helped me peg them out on the washing line.

Since then, she helps me with the washing every week. And she’s never since tried to make her whites pink.

Remember to always keep Ariel out of reach of children. For dosing instructions, always check the back of the bottle, and for pristine clothes, remember not to overload the machine.

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