Use our colour wheel to make the most of your wardrobe this spring – go bold with Homesavvy!

It’s officially Spring, and Summer is just around the corner. This means, it’s finally time to wear those bold and beautiful items of clothing which have been lingering at the back of your wardrobe. Here are some tips to help you with colour mixing so you can create great outfits using colours that match.

Knowing what colours or items match in your wardrobe is one of the most common problems people have when choosing what to wear. But there is a very simple way of deciding - the colour wheel.

The colour wheel theory is used by designers across the globe and can also be applied to what we wear. Use these basic principles below and you can be confident in going bold with colour this spring summer!

There are three primary colours:

- Red
- Blue
- Yellow

Secondary colours are a mixture of two primaries and include:

- Violet
- Green
- Orange

Tertiary colors are the mixture of a primary colour and a secondary colour, including:

- Blue-violet
- Red-violet
- Red-orange
- Yellow-orange
- Yellow-green
- Blue-green


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Knowing these basics of colour and understanding the colour wheel will help to guide you when it comes to matching your clothes.  And the good news is, the same theory can be applied when it comes to decorating your home too.

Here are some basic tips on using your wheel to make the most of your wardrobe.

Tip One:
Primary and secondary colours that sit alongside each other on the wheel tend to work well with one another and have the effect of causing each colour to appear subdued.

Tip Two:
Primary and secondary colours that sit opposite each other are also considered to be complimentary (such as blue and orange, red and green) – pairing these colours also makes them appear bolder!

Tip Three:
Lighter  shades of the same colour can often look good when matched, forming a monochrome effect.

Tip Four:
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