5 no-cost summer holiday ideas

5 no-cost summer holiday ideas

Try these no-cost activities for something different to do on days off school.

Secret agents
Even small children enjoy sneaking around playing spies. Older children can be the mission masterminds – like Bond and M! Show them how to create secret messages by writing in lemon juice then exposing the paper to the sun.

Body art
Have a look around your dressing table for make-up, and see if your kids have got any soap crayons left from birthday presents, then have an afternoon dressing up your hair and skin in weird and wonderful ways. Even boys can get in on the action – with warrior daubs or fantasy looks. Make sure you join in too – it’s very therapeutic!

Food factory
Dig out all kinds of ingredients you need to use up from the cupboard and freezer, then invite your children and their friends to have a cooking session. Try savoury bites, favourite biscuits and even smoothies – not all boys want to make pretty fairy cakes but they might be tempted by inventing their own pizza topping.


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Mystery trail
For older children create clues for locations around nearby streets. These can be riddles, questions and maybe even a couple of photos of places taken from odd angles. Set your kids off to find everywhere on the trail and see how long it takes them to get back. Under-10s can either explore with a grown-up, or do something similar around your home and garden.

Create self-portraits or draw each other. For those who are not confident artists, use other devices like collage to create something more fanciful than factual. Try silhouette pictures: sit sideways with a light on you which casts a shadow on the wall, then another person draws an outline to cut out and frame on a contrasting colour, eg black paper on red card.

Pass it on – Keeping the kids entertained
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