5 top ways to save money on school clothes for kids

5 top ways to save money on school clothes for kids

You don’t have to spend a fortune on kids clothing for school.

Many high street stores offer value ranges for school uniform basics and here are some other money saving ideas.

1. Only buy essential school uniform first
Before term starts check your child’s school uniform requirement list. Any items with the school’s badge are compulsory so budget for these first. For items of school uniform like grey trousers and white shirts, buy only as much as you can manage with in September, when demand is high – think ‘one on, one off and one in the wash’. Stock up on long trousers and short sleeve shirts out of season, in sales, and store them for next term or year.

2. Check out secondhand school uniform sales
Children grow so quickly you can often buy almost-new clothing from your school’s uniform sale. If your child hasn’t started at the school yet, call and ask or look at the website to find out when the next sale is.

3. Be wise with children’s coats
If you can, buy a coat with a lining you can easily remove and pop back in, so it will be useable on the coldest days but also be good for showery weather the rest of the year.

4. Don’t skimp on kids shoes
There is no point buying flashy shoes for school, but children’s shoes are worn every day (and during kick-around playtimes in the case of active kids), so it’s worth investing in something durable.

5. Label every item of school uniform!
Sew a nametag into your kid’s clothing and bags, and chase up any item that doesn’t make it home on the day it was taken to school – rooting through the lost property promptly should help avoid losing clothes forever.

Savvy tip
Ask other parents with kids already at the school if they have any hand-me-down clothing. A mum with an older boy and a girl the age of your son might be glad to offload boys’ school uniform she doesn’t need any more.

Pass it on – school year budget planner
Tips for saving money on school essentials from equipment and lunches to books and trips.


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Very useful info have saved lots of money after reading this thank yiu

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My son's school has a compulsory PE kit which is only available at one store!! It's over £100 for it alone, so that's a big problem.

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