Super Fruit & Veg

Super Fruit & Veg

Super Fruit and Veg - Get longer lasting fruit and veg and make savings too!

Longer-lasting, greater value. Now that’s Fairyconomy.

Enjoy the best produce of the season everyday. It’s sometimes tricky to get your kids to eat their fruit and veg but there are fun ways for them to eat healthy and great ways for you to make savvy savings. Buying better produce while it’s at its best will last longer and with our savvy tips you can make a saving too.

Juicy Fruit

Invest in oranges but don’t splash out on gadgets. If your family love freshly squeezed juice, you don’t need an expensive gadget to give it to them. Invest in some fresh, juicy oranges and then microwave them for a few seconds before squeezing them. You’ll be able to juice them easily by hand and you’ll save up to two oranges for every cup of juice you make.

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Ripe & unripe fruit and veg

More often than not we throw away rotten food before we get to use it. Although higher quality fruit and vegetables may look a little bit more expensive, they are worth spending on. More often than not, the higher class fruit and vegetables will outlast cheaper alternatives meaning you actually get more snacks for your money and end up with less in the bin at the end of the week.

Invest in ice-lolly makers

Spend some money buying ice-lolly moulds and you can avoid throwing away fruit you think is too far-gone to eat. Chop your fruit up into small chunks, put them in the moulds with some water and pop them in the freezer. A little time and effort spent every few weeks will mean you’ll be serving up delicious homemade desserts most evenings.
Another great way to make a saving in the kitchen is to use Fairy when washing up. Fairy lasts 50% longer than the next best selling brand, saving you money in the long run.

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