Greener home, cheaper home

Greener home, cheaper home

Energy savings could save you more than £300 a year – and your planet will love you too.

Everyone knows switching off lights and boiling only the water you need in your kettle are quick ways to make small daily savings, but here are a few more savvy tips.

Insulate your home

  • The Warm Front Scheme has a budget each year for home owners to help with the cost of better heating and insulation systems. Proper insulation can save you as much as £180 every year. Go to for more information.
  • Make sure your hot water tank has a jacket on it. If yours has a jacket but it’s old and falling off, bear in mind that a new one costs about £12 and will save you money.

Switch off, don’t ‘standby’

  • Did you know that the bigger the television screen, the more electricity it uses? Not leaving items on standby alone will save you £30 a year.
  • Each energy saving lightbulb you use could save you as much as £60 in its lifetime.

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Smart heating

  • Turn your central heating down by just one degree – barely noticeable but it could reduce your heating bill by as much as 10 per cent.
  • Dodge draughts. PVC sealant is easy to use on those little gaps in doors and windows that let in the cold.

Savvy tip
To work out how much your household could save and to work out your family’s carbon footprint, check out the Act on CO2 website. Here you can also check out how much fuel costs for different cars.

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Check out useful Less Waste More Reward changes that you can make inside and outside your home.

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In the kitchen I took of the kick boards around the units, then I got lots of polystyrene from parcels and filled the gap under the units because it's a space that is not used so why keep it warm.I then put the kick boards back.This has enabled us to turn the heating down in the kitchen and hallway.

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If you visit a site called Care2Causes, you can offset carbon for free. Either by signing petitions, or commenting on articles (like about wildlife, recipes and litter) or you can do a one-click per day and offset carbon. Added to making savings around your home you could make your life carbon neutral even if you fly or drive.

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Im always putting things on stand by, need to learn to unplug things

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Never knew some of these. Will pass on to friends & try myself. Thanks

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I'm going to use a timer switch on my washing machine so that it runs after midnight when my electricity is a third of the cost of a daytime unit.

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