Savvy travel insurance

Savvy travel insurance

Save yourself money by getting the right cover for your family when going on holiday. Sometimes you can spend more than you need on travel insurance because it covers activities you won’t be doing, or it doesn’t actually cover what you need if something goes wrong.

What you need covered

  • Cancellation or cover if you need to cut short your trip.
  • 24-hour emergency service and assistance.
  • Medical and health cover – for injury or sudden illness.
  • Lost or stolen possessions (including baggage lost by an airline).
  • Personal liability cover (in case you are sued for damaging property or causing injury).
  • Any cover for specific activities that you intend to do, like skiing or watersports.

What else to look for

  • Cover if your airline or travel company goes out of business.
  • Cover for natural catastrophes (eg ash clouds, snow) and acts of terrorism.
  • Legal expenses cover.
  • Personal accident cover (including permanent disability or death).

Don’t pay for what might be covered already


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  • Bank accounts. Many current bank accounts include travel insurance for you and your family. Check this carefully to ensure it covers everything you need.
  • Credit cards. Many people believe they are covered if they pay for a holiday with their credit card. Again, check exactly what that card’s insurance covers.
  • Ongoing travel insurance. If you have not updated your family’s medical details with your insurer, it may void any cover you have.

Travel home
If you need to be flown home or even to a local hospital it can cost thousands of pounds and this is NOT something the British Embassy or High Commission will pay for, so make sure it’s included in any travel cover you take out.

Savvy tip
Remember, insurers may not pay out if they believe that you did not take reasonable care of yourself or your possessions. Additionally, alcohol- or drink-incidents are unlikely to be covered.

Pass it on – European Health Insurance Card
Carry an EHIC card for each member of your family to get free or reduced cost medical assistance whilst on holiday in any European Economic Area country and in Switzerland. Find out at

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