How to seem angelic (with no extra effort!)

Do you try to be an all-round better person, but then it simply feels like too much effort? Us too... so we drew up this list of easy ways to get that shining halo

There are some people who just brighten up everyone's lives. These angelic types are always there with a thoughtful word or gesture to make things easier on the people around them.

If you're feeling jealous of the attention that these goody-two-shoes get, don't try to beat them - join them. You'll be amazed at the impact that even small acts of kindness in your daily routine can have.

To find out how you can convince everyone you're a natural do-gooder without breaking a sweat, take a look at these easy ideas for polishing up your halo.

Hold the door for someone

It's amazing these days how many people are so wrapped up in themselves. Either that or they're busy staring at their phones as they walk that they just let the door swing back into the path of people coming behind them.

Brighten up people's day with a bit of old-fashioned good manners: hold the door and wave them through with a friendly smile. It only takes a moment but it makes life much more pleasant. Who knows, your kindness might even catch on!

Smile when talking on the phone

It may sound funny but it really makes a difference. Even if callers obviously can't see your smile, they'll be able to hear the change in your voice.

With a friendly smile on your face, you'll sound warmer and more engaging over the phone. Friends will want to chat longer, customer service representatives will go the extra mile for you, and it's all because you're radiating charm.

Give up your seat on public transport

There are people who pretend to be asleep or absorbed in a book so they don't see a pregnant or elderly person in need of a seat. Others look around hoping someone else will make a move.

And then there are the angels who spring up right away to offer their seat. It costs nothing, and knowing you've done a good deed will put a spring in your step for the rest of the day.

Get angelic hair, effortlessly

Every angel needs shining hair to match her halo. And if heavenly acts of kindness seem like too much effort, you can at least look the part in minutes, thanks to Aussie Pure Locks.

KaKadu plum and lime pearls nourish your hair with vitamin C to make it shine, while the lightweight formula doesn't give it that weighed-down look - perfect for letting the breeze blow through your hair on your own personal cloud.

Be the office coffee hero

There's no quicker way to the heart of the typical office worker than to arrive bearing hot cups of tea and coffee. So if you want to be seen as an angel at work, make a point of volunteering to make a round of hot drinks whenever you fancy a cuppa.

For truly dangerous levels of charm, you could even make a few extra for your colleagues the next time you whip up a batch of brownies at home.

What are you favourite small acts of kindness? Let us know how you act like an angel in the comments below.