Your Ultimate Guide to Beardiful Facial Hair


Beards are on the rise, and for good reason! Not only do they naturally protect your face from the elements, but they also have the ability to transform a look. Facial hair has long been a symbol of masculinity and individuality for men and, with the right style for your face shape, can be incredibly flattering. Read on to discover more about which men’s beard styles suit different face shapes and essential tips and tricks for trimming and maintaining a well-groomed beard.

1. Determining the shape of your face for your beard style

2. Beards for men with a round face

3. What about styles for a square face?

4. Beard styles for men with an oval face

5. Beard styles for an oblong face

6. Beards for men with a diamond face shape

7. Type of beards for a heart-shaped face

8. Beard shaping and trimming

9. Ready, set, trim!

10. Say ‘yeah’ to proper beard care!

Determining the shape of your face for your beard style

Before you rummage through your drawers for the trimmer, you must first get to know the shape of your face. There are six main face shapes, namely round, square, oval, oblong, rhombus and heart. Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can then choose a beard style that will accentuate your features and enhance your appearance. With so many types of beards to choose from, knowing your face shape will help you decide which style to opt for.

Beards for men with a round face

Men with a round face may consider square or angular beard styles. These will help add structure to a round face. A goatee or Van Dyke beard can also elongate the appearance of the face. The general idea is to counteract your prominent features to create overall balance.

What about styles for a square face?

A short, box-shaped beard will certainly suit a square face because it will soften the angles. Around beard will also work well with a square face, as it will complement the square face shape.

Beard styles for men with an oval face

If you’re fortunate enough to have been born with an oval face, you’ll be glad to know that your shape is versatile and will suit a variety of beard styles! From a full beard to a straight goatee style, most beards will work well with an oval face shape.

Beard styles for an oblong face

For an oblong face, a short beard or the so-called well-groomed goatee can increase the width of the lower part of the face, thus balancing the length of a longer face shape.

Beards for men with a diamond face shape

For those with a diamond face shape, we would recommend beard styles that increase the width of the chin. You could try a chinstrap or a chin with fuller sides, as these will complement a diamond-shaped face.

Types of beards for a heart-shaped face

Beards are recommended for lovely heart-shaped faces, as they will add volume to the chin area. In order to balance out the wider forehead, those with a heart-shaped face could try beards without a moustache, such as goatee beards or chin curtains, for example. 

Beard shaping and trimming

Knowing how to shape a beard is essential to giving your face the tender loving care it deserves. A well-groomed beard requires a blend of care, precision and a touch of style. Everyday maintenance of your beard involves washing with a beard-friendly cleanser and conditioning to keep your facial hair soft and manageable. Trimming your beard is also key. It’s recommended to invest in a good-quality beard trimmer to establish a routine to maintain face shaping. Beard oils and balms provide moisture and aid in taming unruly strands. You could also experiment with beard dyes and waxes for extra pizzazz and texture. With time, patience and some attention to detail, you can create a polished yet effortless look that will wow.

Ready, set, trim!

If you’ve been wondering how to trim a beard properly, you should first invest in good quality accessories, such as a beard trimmer and sharp scissors. These are necessary to maintain well-groomed facial hair, and the frequency of their use will depend on your beard style and your personal preferences. Whether you like short beard styles, medium beard styles or long beard styles, trim your beard regularly to prevent any split ends and to keep your appearance looking neat, no matter its length. When trimming, create a defined beard neckline and cheek line to give your face structure and to keep your look polished. This step is crucial for a well-maintained and intentional beard style, so never underestimate the power of regular touch-ups!

Say ‘yeah’ to proper beard care!

To maintain the appearance of your beard and keep it in the best condition possible, it’s worth paying attention to three aspects of beard care. Firstly, remember to moisturise and condition your facial hair with beard oil or balm. This will help soften the hair, reduce itching and keep your beard looking healthy. It’s also important to comb or brush your beard regularly in order to remove tangles and to distribute your natural oils, which will improve the structure and the appearance of your beard. Lastly, you should be aware of your beard’s natural growth patterns and work on them, as this will help you achieve a more maintainable and aesthetically pleasing beard shape.

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