Hair Trend: Deliberately Natural Hair Texture


Real, authentic and individual are the beauty buzz words for autumn/winter. And it’s not just the catwalk experts that say so, celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Minogue have been seen out and about with free flowing natural curls that look like they’ve never seen a heated appliance or a shine spray. But how does one embrace a carefree aura without looking lazy? Wear your hair sleek and you are considered to be one in-control cookie. But leave the house with a lioness mane and it looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed. So, how does one go with the flow and still look ‘put together’? The key is in the products you use. My hair naturally falls in soft irregular waves with a texture that, if not tamed by some magic mist, can look frizzy and give off a don’t-care vibe. So, set with the challenge of liberating my hair back to its natural texture in a manner that would pass at the office, I scrunched and spritzed my way back to the real me. Here’s how:

The kit: When taking on your natural hair texture, the only way to guarantee you haven’t manipulated your tresses into something they weren’t born to be, is to air dry. BUT, to avoid looking dishevelled, you must choose the right products. After various combinations, I found that Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo RRP £4.19 gave my hair a softness from the offset, but instead of going for a traditional conditioner which can weigh hair down, I opted for a super light conditioning mousse. Pantene Pro-V Air Light Foam Conditioner RRP £3.99 is perfect for hair that looks nourished but free-flowing. After towel-drying, I spritzed a teeny amount of Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Dry Oil RRP £6.99 into the palms of my hands and scrunched into my ends to smooth any splits. When dry, I finished with a mist of Pantene Satin Smooth Hairspray RRP £3.69 to tame fuzzy bits and rule out untidiness. The end result was just what I was after: natural looking texture that’s chic yet nonchalant.