4 Skin Switches to make Now

4 Skin Switches to make Now

Switch to: A power smile regime

Bright teeth, bright skin! And as it's national smile month, there's no better time to switch up your smile routine. Brighter whiter teeth boost confidence and brighten your skin tone so take your toothpaste up a notch and invest in one with both whitening and stain removing properties. Oral B 3D White Luxe Perfection Paste RRP£5.00 removes up to 90% of surface stains in 7 days, replenishes enamel with essential minerals and gives teeth an instant shine which illuminates the whole face. 'More shine, more light reflection,' explains Oral-B brand ambassador and celebrity dentist Dr. Uchenna Okoye. 'Keep gums healthy too by using a smart power toothbrush to clean in between teeth - by upgrading your smile regime, you'll not only brighten teeth and skin you'll prevent gums from receding and ageing you.' Try Oral B Genius 9000 Rechargeable Toothbrush RRP £280.

Switch to: A pre shaving technique

'There's more to achieving a flawless shave than merely switching razors; what you do before and after your shave is just as important,' explains body expert Nathalie Eleni. 'The biggest switch you can make to your body routine is to exfoliate your skin before shaving, preferably the day before. Not only does this create smoother brighter skin, it releases trapped hairs under dead skin and helps to avoid ingrown hairs.'

Switch to: A power cleanser

Is your skin bright for now? To get the most out of your summer complexion, make sure to amp-up your cleansing routine. Sweat and pollution can clog pores leaving your complexion looking dull. Try incorporating a hot cloth into your cleansing ritual which will exfoliate skin and boost circulation as you cleanse. Or try Olay 3 Point Super Cleansing brush RRP £39.99; the sonic power brush cleanses up to 4 x more effectively than manual cleansing.

Switch to: A shower shave

'Shave in the shower for the best results,' explains Nathalie Eleni. She advises soaking skin in the shower for 2-3 minutes before you start shaving to soften the skin. 'The water will expand hairs by 60% making them easier to cut helping to ensure a flawless finish.' Finally, drench skin in a moisture-rich shave gel like Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay Shaving Gel RRP £3.99 to hydrate leg hairs and ensure the razor glides easily over skin. 'Don't rely on soap to prepare skin - it may clog the razor during shaving.' For spring, Nathalie recommends Gillette Venus Snap Women's Portable Razor RRP £9.99 - the portable mini handle means it can be thrown into a hand bag or gym bag.