Eight things women with flawless skin do every day

These beauty secrets will help your skin be the best it can be – with minimal effort.

You drink plenty of water and would never dream of stepping out of the house without a slathering of SPF, but is there more you could be doing in the quest for better skin?

From the products you really need for your daily routine to easy lifestyle tweaks, these are the things that women with beautiful skin do every day.

1. Always use toner

Between washing your face and applying a moisturiser, you could be missing a step in your skincare regime. Using a toner removes any remaining impurities, but it also restores the PH balance of the skin.

Your face is naturally acidic, but the alkaline nature of soaps and cleansers alters this, meaning your skin has to work overtime to restore its balance. A toner can help it restore that balance more quickly.

2. Make time in the mornings

Most of us are good at washing away the grime of the day before bedtime – but what about the mornings? Instead of washing your face in the shower as an afterthought, follow the same routine at the start of the day as you would at the end.

Why is this important? Because effectively prepared skin will be better at withstanding contamination from the environment during the day. Wash, tone and moisturise using an SPF moisturiser, such as Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser with SPF-15, before you apply your make-up.

3. Think about water

Drinking and washing your face with filtered water could be better for you. Filtration removes chlorine and heavy metals and makes water softer, so the theory is that the purer the water, the cleaner the skin. Worth a try?

4. Do the double cleanse

Making sure you remove make-up, sunscreen and the impurities of the day is the key to healthy skin – but cleansing just once may not be enough. Instead, try double cleansing to really ensure that your skin is as clean as it can be.

Use a micellar water first to remove any make-up and dirt build-up, then do a second cleanse to penetrate deep into your skin, naturally buff away any dead skin cells and clean out your pores. This will also aid with the absorption of your moisturiser.

5. Dry brushing


We’ve been body brushing to target cellulite for a while now, and those in the know are applying the same logic to their faces, just with smaller and softer brushes.

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation, making skin fuller, smoother and rejuvenated. Use the same circular motions as you would on your body to reap the benefits.

6. Leave blemishes alone


People with flawless skin know that the best thing they can do to prevent blemishes and slow down the signs of ageing is to leave their skin alone. This means no picking or prodding as this can cause inflammation and spread bacteria under the skin, making pimples worse.

Harsh scrubbing with exfoliants can cause inflammation and weaken the skin’s surface, so limit exfoliation to once a week and remember to always be gentle on your skin – it’s more delicate than you think.

7. Stay calm

Just as stress is bad for your heart, it’s also bad for your skin. It can aggravate existing conditions or cause breakouts and premature ageing.

Try yoga, meditation or some simple breathing exercises to help keep life a little calmer.

8. Never skip serum

What did we do before serums? These anti-ageing elixirs are essential.

Apply before your regular moisturiser and leave for a few minutes to allow your skin to soak up all their youth-restoring properties. Try one that contains vitamin C or hyaluronic acid for extra anti-ageing power.

9. Pay attention to the ingredients

The price tag of your skincare doesn’t matter – what’s inside it does. The best skincare regimens are simple and targeted. Learn more about your skin’s specific needs and buy products that treat your issues, instead of following buzzword ingredients.

For example, for smoother skin you’ll be needing a healthy dose of vitamin C. For blemish-prone skin, find a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. And keep an eye out for hyaluronic acid for its wonderful anti-ageing powers.

What’s your secret to flawless skin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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