Ageless Beauty: 5 ways to get the skin you need for the no makeup trend

5 ways to get the skin you need for the no makeup trend

1. Polish = perfection

The foundation to all good skin lies in your cleansing routine. Not only does thorough daily cleansing remove impurities and prevent blemishes, the contact with your skin when massaged with either a hot cloth, cleansing brush, or even fingers will help reduce fluid and mildly exfoliate skin’s surface. If you’re itching to minimize your makeup look, we recommend Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System RRP £39.99. A brush that helps cleans up to 4 x more effectively than manual cleansing alone.

2. Focus on eyes

New research shows that your eye area can have a biological age 22 years older than the rest of your face, due to the delicate nature of the skin. Don’t worry, there’s good news – dark circles, puffiness and fine lines can be reduced and prevented significantly if you introduce a daily eye ritual. Tip: Massage in your chosen eye cream in a circular motion from the cheekbone through to brow bone to reduce puffiness and deliver hydration to the skin’s surface. For an instant eye lift effect, we recommend Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream RRP £24.99, a vitamin-rich formula that moisturises and renews skin over time, whilst giving eyes an instant pop of brightness thanks to its peachy skin-correcting tone, acting as a light-reflecting under eye concealer.