Real women reveal their body confidence secrets

Real women reveal their body confidence secrets

While we might know that we should feel body confident, it can be easier in theory than practice. We meet four real women who reveal how they learned to love their real bodies.

Meet Marika


Marika was born with congenital nevi, a skin condition that means she has moles and birthmarks all over her body, which led to her being bullied as a child. After spending much of her life covering up, Marika says becoming a mum shifted her perspective on life and happiness.

The epiphany came when she realised that she would never want her son to feel as negatively about himself as she had, so she flipped her thinking to appreciate that being unique is better. Now she believes that her imperfections actually make her perfect, and that all skin is beautiful.

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Meet Kyisha


When she was pregnant, the one thing that Kyisha dreaded was having a Caesarean scar. But that’s exactly what she was left with once her baby was delivered. Despite the pressure she felt that her body should snap back into shape, she learned to take pride in her body and accept that it will continue to change as she goes through life.

Realising that that she would need to work with her body to let it heal, Kyisha now embraces her Caesarean section scar as a site of celebration. It’s a reminder of her adored child, and she now treats her body with the same love and kindness that she gives her child.

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Meet Azra


Her stretch marks had never particularly bothered Azra, until TV commercials made her feel insecure in her skin. When she started swimming regularly and building muscle, Azra saw her skin was just accommodating the needs of her changing body, and that it would continue to evolve as she goes through life.

Now she loves those stretch marks for the power they represent, because they show how strong she’s been over the years. And despite pressure to change or fit in, she doesn’t want to alter anything about herself. Azra wears her stretch marks proudly to help make all women feel normal.

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Meet Dae


Fed up with her hair making her moody, Dae found freedom by shaving it all off. Ignoring all the stereotypes of gender that are found in the media and society in general, Dea feels liberated now that she can truly express herself.

Instead of what she sees and hears in the world around her, Dae’s focus is on how she feels – and her shaved head makes her feel powerful, beautiful and memorable. And we can all learn from her mantra: “I look good, because I’m me.”

Watch her story here

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