4 feel-good ideas to turn your frown the other way around

Did you have a bad day? Create a real heart-warming nest of your home with a few easy tricks. Here’s how.

The magical hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the ultimate friend on a gloomy afternoon. It will comfort you from top to toe, is easy to make in a few minutes and delicious above all. Be daring, spice it up with interesting ingredients: pumpkin mash, peppermint, and anise will just give it a unique uplift. Don’t be afraid of accidental spills, Ariel will deal with them in just 1 wash, even on 30 degrees.

The warm socks

To slip into a colorful, knitted sock, to lie back on the sofa with a great book in your hands feeling safe is something that is always appreciated. When you get lost in these moments you definitely don’t want to get disturbed, so here is what you should pay attention to. Mute your phone, put some handkerchief on the table next to you, and pick a thick and soft sock, because there is nothing worse than having a cold feet – it won’t let you get carried away with the story. Ariel laundry detergent is just perfect for your favorite ‘resting on the sofa’ and ‘walking around the flat without slippers’ socks to be ever-clean and fresh all day long.