How to detox your body and life?


Many of us have at least attempted a body detox - perhaps trying to get back on track after a particularly indulgent period.

There are so many ways to detox your body now that maybe you see costly and time consuming methods, such as a detox facial or detox hair treatment, and are left wondering how to properly detox. 

However, a detox is no longer something that you attempt to force upon yourself once every 12 months. It’s actually better for you to make little changes to your everyday life, which all help make for a healthier and happier you. It can be as easy to detox skin as having an enjoyable at home spa treatment!

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1. Detox your hair

2. Detox your skin

3. Drink more water

4. Declutter your wardrobe 

5. Detox your diet 

6. Ensure an adequate amount of sleep

Try these small steps to help detox your body and life, and clean living will soon become second nature!

There is little better than that really clean and fresh feeling just after you’ve washed your hair. However, our hectic lifestyles, bad weather and air pollution can wreak havoc with our hair, quickly leaving locks feeling dirty, greasy and limp.  If your hand has lost some of its shine and body, make sure to detox it regularly with a specialist detox hair treatment.

Herbal Essences has created a new shampoo and conditioner range called Daily Detox Collection, with a choice of three shampoos and three conditioners that have been specifically created to gently cleanse and detox hair each day, whilst restoring freshness and shine.

Each hair detox shampoo and conditioner in the range contains natural mint oil to invigorate your scalp and wake up your senses, and each variant is also infused with scents to make the daily experience a pleasure you will truly look forward to.  Now it's easy and enjoyable to detox hair!

Choose from White Tea and Mint for shineCrimson Orange and Mint for volume, and Golden Raspberry and Mint for cleansing.

Make this simple switch to hair detox shampoo and conditioner and your hair will feel shower-fresh all day, every day.

Or for an extra treat and at homespa treatment, use the Herbal Essences detox hair treatment whilst relaxing in a detox bath recipe, such as 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 cups of Epsom salt and up to 5 drops of lavender oil.

2. Detox your skin

If you usually wear a lot of make-up, try paring it back. You could be surprised at how little you actually need.

Try switching your heavy foundation for a moisturiser with a tint, such as Olay Total Effects CC Cream, which is light on the skin, has SPF coverage, and still offers good coverage. Dust some blusher on your cheekbones, use brown mascara instead of black for a more natural look, and finish with a slick of lip balm.  Using detox products allows your skin to breathe, and helps detox skin throughout the day.

And of course, always do the daily detox of removing your make-up before bed, as well as cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin.  Finally, reducing fried and sugary foods from your diet will naturally also help to detox skin from the inside out.

3. Drink more water!

The cold does not really encourage us to drink ... but drinking at least a litre and a half of water a day is the best solution to help you feel great!  Even if you are not keen on drinking lots of water, there are many options of clean detox drinks to help cleanse and purify your body. 


Make sure to drink water in all its forms (still, sparkling ...) but also hot drinks, favoring herbal tea rather than coffee to help your body detox. At the office, help yourself drink more water by keeping a bottle with you and remind yourself to keep drinking regularly.  Basically when you think you've drunk enough water, then drink more water!


Did you know, drinking water is also a form of detox skincare, as it helps your system to flush out toxins! Drinking water is one of our easiest tips for how to detox your body, but there are plenty of other ways to help with your life detox.


4. Declutter your wardrobe

Are the rails in your cupboards groaning with clothes that you haven’t worn in years? Over-filled wardrobes make it easy for moths to thrive among rarely touched jumpers, and those dresses you really love are much more likely to get crumpled and spoiled. It may be time for a wardrobe makeover!

TIP1: A wardrobe declutter will make it easier to find outfits each morning but also help you focus on what you really want when the spring fashions hit the shops. If you hate throwing good clothes away, why not do a clothes swap with your mates? It’s a fun night in, you’re recycling and you get a new look for nothing! Before you get going, check out our useful tips for decluttering your wardrobe.

TIP2: Now you have completed your wardrobe makeover, its time to make your clothes smell of fresh, clean, summer fragrances. Use Lenor In-Wash Scent Boosters, such as Summer BreezeSpring Awakening or Exotic Bloom for dreamy smelling clothes and fabrics you will want to smell again and again.


5. Detox your diet

Fresh, healthy juices and smoothies are great clean detox foods for skin, but instead of replacing all your meals with them, incorporate one a day into your daily diet to help your detox plan. You could have one for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack, before you hit the gym, or a fruity number for dessert after dinner. All fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body detox!

As long as you make it in a juicer or blender using fresh ingredients and no added sugar, it’s a great addition to your everyday diet, full of vitamins and nutrients. To increase the amount of detox foods for skin, include as many alkaline rich fruits and veggies such as pears, broccoli, kale, watermelon, and bananas.

6.Ensure an adequate amount of sleep

Many of us underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep and how it affects a proper body detox. Your brain also tends to flush out toxins during sleep. Therefore, make sure you get the right amount of sleep at night.

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