Always Platinum Size 3 Period Pads with wings

Always Platinum Sanitary Towels are designed with a Zero Feel System, so you can get through your day worry-free. These incredible sanitary towels offer 5x comfort thanks to their silky wings, 3D LeakGuard protective barriers, 1000 soft micro-cushions, Soft&Fit design and OdourLock technology. Recommended for both day and night usage, Always Platinum Night (Size 3) with wings are ideal for moderate to heavy flow (depending on your needs and underwear size). Try Always Platinum Secure Night (Size 4), Always Platinum’s best sanitary towels for night protection.

Features & Benefits:

5x comfort to help you feel nothing but protected
Soft wings designed to be gentle to your skin and avoid irritation
3D LeakGuard to prevent side leakage
1000 micro-cushions for added comfort and absorbency
Soft&Fit design to conform your body
OdourLock technology to neutralize malodours instead of just masking them