Bold All-in-1 Pods Gold Orchid

Bold Gold Orchid’s elegant scent is infused with a seductive hint of precious vanilla that calms the spirit. It gives your fabrics a deep, luxurious softness – transforming the everyday chore of washing into a rich, indulgent experience. Feel almost regal in clothes that are softer than ever before. All-in-1 Pods Washing Capsules are Bold's latest innovation, infusing your clothes with relaxing, invigorating and luxurious scents inspired by nature's most divine fragrances.

Unlike traditional washing powder, All-in-1 Pods come with a unique three-chamber design, that features brilliantly cleaning detergent as well as built-in fabric softener – for cleaner, fresher and softer feeling clothes than ever before.

Try the Dream Team: Bold + Lenor Fabric Conditioner + Lenor Scent Booster.