Fairy’s commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging

 When people choose a detergent, they make their decisions based on performance. That doesn’t change the importance and significance of the packaging, though.  Fairy’s packaging serves many roles. Not just designed to hold the detergent and keep it safe during transportation and use, packaging also provides vital and important information about the product itself such as ingredients, usage instructions, safety and dosage advice.
However, despite its functionality, packaging creates waste and impacts the environment. That’s why Fairy is committed to pursuing a range of circular packaging solutions that are more sustainable. This includes reducing plastic packaging, ensuring our packaging is recyclable and maximising the use of recycled materials in our packaging.


How to recycle Fairy packaging?

Once you’ve used up your product, it’s key to dispose of your empty packaging in a responsible way. For this reason, to encourage recycling we have on-pack disposal instructions and reminders to recycle it. 

If you wonder how to recycle your Fairy packaging, look at the information below. 

Fairy Table

Did you know Fairy’s bottles and boxes contain recycled materials?

To take even better care of our environment, all Fairy Liquid bottles up to 57 washes, all Fairy Gel bottles up to 27 washes contain 35%** post-consumer resin, whilst Fairy Gel bottles between 35 – 38 washes contain 35%** post-consumer resin. It’s a packaging option where manufacturers use recycled materials from used plastic, like PET bottles, to produce new bottles.

On top the new and revolutionary ECOCLIC® cardboard packaging on Fairy PODS®, that is replacing the old plastic boxes, is made with 70% recycled fibers.

Finally also on all Fairy Powder boxes, the cardboard is made with 80% recycled fibers.


**excluding cap, label and doser.