Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid

Up to 50% longer lasting suds than the next best-selling brand


Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid gives you cleaning power you can always count on. Its concentrated formula cuts through tough grease instantly to give you a brilliant clean. Just one liquid drop goes a long way and gives you enough suds and bubbles to clean a whole meal’s worth of dishes. It´s no wonder it´s been proven to last 50% longer than the next best-selling brand.



Features & benefits of Fairy Original

long lasting

Ultra long-lasting suds

With every drop of Fairy’s concentrated formula, you get more bubbles and long-lasting suds, meaning more cleaning power to get the job done.




grease cleaning

Incredible grease cleaning power

No more soaking those crusty pans overnight. With Fairy’s grease-cutting and stain-removing power, grease and grime have met their match. Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid leaves your dishes spotless and clean every time.




original iconic

The original iconic washing up liquid

There’s a reason Fairy has become the preferred choice for most people when it comes to cleaning dishes. Just one drop of the powerful liquid goes even further, making it last 50% longer than the next best-selling brand.




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