Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff Shampoo Pro-Expert 7 Hair Fall Defense with Caffeine

Pro-Expert 7 Hair Fall Defence Anti-dandruff Shampoo, infused with caffeine, contains the Head & Shoulders highest ever level of anti-dandruff active.

This formula fights 7 scalp issues, giving you complete scalp protection and is clinically proven to increase hair retention over 8 weeks, helping to cleanse and rebalance the scalp. Use every wash for maximum results. COMPLETE SCALP PROTECTION IN 1 BOTTLE: 

1. Fights persistent dandruff*, 
2. Rebalances Scalp, 
3. Controls oiliness, 
4. Deeply Cleans Pores, 
5. Fights itching**, 
6. Relieves Scalp, 
7. Reduces Hair Fall***
*visible flakes from 2 ft, with regular use
**itch related to dandruff, with regular use 
***Hair retention due to improved scalp condition