London, July 2023: Leading household brands Fairy and Ariel have expressed continued support to long-term charity partner, akt. With video content featuring interviews with people from the LGBTQ+ community and Hayley Speed, Director of Services at akt showing the small acts of spreading the love that people can do for the community and a survey looking into how the LGBTQ+ community feels about the acceptance they received.

The survey polled 1,000 LGBTQ+ adults to understand their personal journey and to show the importance of acceptance, love and kindness to and within the community.

The results showed Six in 10 LGBTQ+ adults don't feel accepted by some of their closest friends and family due to their sexuality and 31 per cent of respondents felt they were treated differently after coming out than before . That is why this year, Fairy and Ariel are urging us all to #SpreadTheLove. The campaign is underpinned by the brands’ values that everyone should live in a home where they feel safe being themselves. 

However, the survey findings showed that many people don’t always feel accepted which is why the brands continue to support the vital work of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity akt. 

This is the fifth year that Fairy and Ariel have partnered with akt, adding £70,000 in 2023 to make a total donation of £320,000 over the past five years. Committed to supporting youth in the LGBTQ+ community who have found themselves in a hostile living environment, akt’s youth engagement programme has been a lifeline for young people who were facing exclusion and the threat of homelessness. So far, the donation money from Fairy and Ariel allows us to continue our essential work due to the ongoing cost of living crisis where akt’s own costs to provide have increased.

Carrie Reiners, Deputy CEO at akt said: akt is delighted to continue our long-standing partnership with Procter & Gamble.  Their generous support through the #SpreadTheLove campaign with Fairy and Ariel will ensure that akt can continue to be able to assist the increasing numbers of young LGBTQ+ people across the UK who face homelessness and abuse simply for not being accepted as who they are.’

In celebration of the campaign, the brands have also launched limited edition products that will be available in selected stores including B&M, Home Bargains, Asda, Morrisons and Sansbury’s throughout July. Once again the iconic Fairy bottles will change their labels to read ‘Fair Love’ - reminding us to always spread love.

The products will be available from July in selected retailers with an RRP of £4 for the Fairy bottle 820ml, £10 Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwasher Tablets 63ct, £10 for Ariel All In One Colour PODS® 54ct.

Ayca Turgay, Brand Communications Director at Procter & Gamble said: ‘P&G is extremely proud to show their continued support for akt and the unrivaled work they do for the LGBTQ+ community. P&G has donated a further £70,000 to the charity this year, making their total contribution £320,000 to date and is honoured to be able to provide a platform to voices from the community. Feeding family life and family coming first are core brand values for both Fairy and Ariel, acknowledging that family takes different forms for different people. Everyone has struggled in the last few years, particularly the LGBTQ+ community, and so to honour Pride in 2023 we want to continue to encourage everyone to #SpreadTheLove as the smallest acts of love can really change someone’s day.’

To bring further awareness to the journeys of individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, Fairy and Ariel have partnered with Musfeen and Tina, alongside charity partner akt, to create a video shining a light on individual stories, acceptance, how small acts of love can make a big difference and urging us all to #SpreadTheLove.