Are you REALLY a modern man?

Are you REALLY a modern man?

Think you’ve got this “21st-century man” thing nailed? Take our quiz to find out (and maybe check that your wife agrees with your answers!)

Question 1

Are you REALLY a modern man

What’s wrong with this sentence: “I can’t come to the pub, I’m babysitting the kids”?

A. I would never say that – I’d go to the pub and tell my missus to get another babysitter.
B. Er, I don’t know, is babysitting spelt wrong?
C. I don’t “babysit” my own kids – I’m their father.

Question 2

Are you REALLY a modern man

Have you ever worn a papoose?

A. Er, isn’t that some kind of animal?
B. No – but I wouldn’t have a problem wearing one.
C. Yes, I totally rock my baby sling!

Question 3

Are you REALLY a modern man

Do you do your share of the household chores?

A.  Chores are my wife’s thing. She does them better than I do –  I don’t know how to work the washing machine/vacuum cleaner/mop and bucket.
B. Yes – I take the bins out, load the dishwasher and cook… some times.
C. Of course – it’s not my wife’s job to do the chores. After all, I live there too.

Question 4

Are you REALLY a modern man

You’ve been feeling down in the dumps for a few days. What do you do?

A. Just get on with it. I was taught not to show my emotions, and that’s what I’ll stick to.
B. I’d maybe mention it to my wife… but wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.  
C. Talk to my friends, wife, mum, dad – whoever can lend an ear, really. I usually feel better after talking it through with someone I trust.

Question 5

Are you REALLY a modern man

What does getting your kids ready for school involve?

A.    Just getting them out of bed and dressed, I guess?
B.    Well their mum does most of it, but I’ll help when she asks – tracking down a rogue school shoe, for example!
C.    Making them breakfast, helping them dress, doing their hair (I’m a pro at this now!), making sure they have all their school things ready and helping to get everyone out the door in time – phew!

Question 6

Are you REALLY a modern man

What does your grooming routine involve?

A. I have a shower most days. Is that what you mean?
B. The usual – wash, clean teeth, bit of gel in my hair, and a quick shave if I’m looking particularly scruffy.
C. I like to look after myself, so I always make sure I’m clean shaven (or my stubble or beard is well manicured), clean teeth, fresh breath, styled hair and sharp outfit.

Question 7

Are you REALLY a modern man

Your son wants to take ballet lessons. How do you feel about that?

A. Two words: No. Way.
B. I’d let him go if it was something he REALLY wanted. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually.
C. Brilliant – I can’t wait to see my little Billy Elliot perform!

Your Answers

Are you REALLY a modern man

Mostly As

Hmm, I’m afraid you’ve got a bit of work to do. You can start with the easy bit: taking care of yourself. When you’re in the shower, wash your hair with Aussie Man Shampoo. Then, once your hair is on point, you’ll probably feel more like putting in the effort. Then it’s time to work on the inside…
A modern man is a hands-on father, understands he needs to do as much around the house as his wife does, and isn’t afraid to open up about his emotions. This might seem like a lot of change, but it’s certainly do-able, and we bet you’ll be a happier man for it. Check out our article on how to “Dad” like an absolute boss to get started. Good luck!
Mostly Bs

You’ve got a fair grasp on what it takes to be a modern man, but why not have a chat with your wife and kids about what you could do differently and how you could help more? You’re already halfway there, but simply shifting your stance from “helping your wife when needed” to “being there equally as a partner and father” will make all the difference.
Oh, and to help you keep on top of your scruffy stubble, try a Braun shaver or trimmer. With no need for shaving gel, Braun’s electric razors can be used wet or dry, so you can use it with ease during the morning rush. Check out our article How to rock it on the school run for more tips.
Mostly Cs

Can someone get this man a gold star? You are a modern man with a capital “M”. You know exactly how to support your wife, be there for your children, and look great while doing it to boot.
To help stay on top form, why not treat yourself to a Gillette Fusion Proglide for a shave as smooth as you are, and an Oral-B 9000 Electric Toothbrush, which will give your teeth the clean of their life – as well as being a pretty cool gadget. Go on, you deserve it. Keep up the good work!
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