Top tips for taking your kids to a music festival

Did you love to rock out at a music festival BC (Before Children)? Consider our tips and you may decide your little ones could soon become festival fans too…

If you were a serial festivalgoer before you became a mum, it’s likely you’re looking on in envy as friends and family boast about getting tickets to their fest of choice this summer. But your festival days aren’t necessarily behind you – you just have to do things a little differently, that’s all.

Even if you’ve never been a festival fan, there’s so much family fun to be had, you might discover a new favourite thing to do together. So read on for our tips, and you and your family could be making memories at your first festival together before the summer’s out.

Start small

One of the larger festivals could be overwhelming for little ones, and a lot of the tickets will have sold out for this year anyway. Instead, try a smaller festival and see how it goes – then you can always go for a bigger one next year if it’s a success.

You could also try a day festival, or buy a one-day ticket, so you don’t have to worry about camping, which would save you a whole lot of hassle (and luggage!).

Put their needs first

Like most things in your life now, you’ve got to consider what’s best for your children, rather than what’s best for you. So, for example, it’s less about who’s headlining (after all, you’re not exactly going to be moshing at the front are you?), and more about what’s available to keep the kids busy.

Luckily, lots of festivals have cottoned on to the fact that mums and dads still want to enjoy festivals and bring their kids along for the ride, so there are all sorts of things to keep them entertained, including dressing up, arts and crafts, and musical story times. Plus many now address the practical things too, like baby-changing, baby-bathing and breast-feeding areas.

Some great festivals for your first family fest include: Elderflower Fields, Wychwood Festival, Valley Fest, Latitude Festival, Deer Shed Festival, End of the Road and Camp Bestival.

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Be prepared

Of course going out anywhere with kids involves a whole host of paraphernalia, so going to a festival – especially if you’re camping – means preparing for almost every eventuality.

So, wherever you go and whatever you do, don’t forget these essentials:

Baby wipes: mountains of them.

Ear protectors: little ears are sensitive need protecting against permanent hearing loss, which can be caused by too-loud music. Anecdotally, filtering out some of the noise seems to make children behave better and sleep better, too.

Always Discreet Pads: if you suffer with a sensitive bladder, as many mums do, remember to pack Always Discreet, which will keep you dry and comfortable all day long, without having to make any mad dashes to the Portaloo!

Your phone number: make sure your child has your mobile number somewhere on their person, so that if you do lose them in the crowd, a member of the event staff can get in touch. And remember to point out the staff to your kids so they know who to go to if they lose you.

A sturdy pushchair: small children can rest and sleep in it – or when they’re out and about, you can use it to carry your luggage!

Suncream, sunhats, sunglasses and waterproof ponchos: because British weather.

A tent marker: something tall and unique that will help your party spot your tent from afar.

Snacks, nibbles and plenty of cash: because children like to eat – and spend your money!

Have you ever taken your kids to a festival? Let us know your invaluable tips in the section below…