Being your kid's number one fan

From braving the freezing weather during sports matches to keeping your budding athlete (and the shower) clean, check out Viakal's top tips for supporting your little ones from the sideline.

A new school year is finally here and you couldn't be happier after entertaining the kids (and their friends) throughout the summer.

It not only marks the beginning of class, but also a new sports season and kick-off of physical education lessons. As your kid's number one fan, stay ahead of the competition with these five tips to help support your mini Olympians.

1. Keep warm on the sideline

Who said sitting on the sidelines was easy? Especially when you're constantly battling the cold, wind and rain while watching and cheering your superstars on.

Make sure you prepare and stay warm on the day by wearing heavy clothing like long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, leather shoes and wool trousers for maximum warmth. Keep a Thermos of tea or coffee handy, as well as an extra pair of chunky socks to ensure you're warm and cosy all match long.

2. Get your shower game-day ready

The real struggle begins once you get back home and realise that your future David Beckham or Jess Ennis is in desperate need of a shower, but limescale has clogged the pipes.

On average, each household removes 13 kilos of limescale from their bathrooms every year - that's the equivalent of 2,000 sugar cubes!

Choose a cleaner that does the work for you. Viakal is first in class when it comes to limescale cleaning. Not only does it deliver a fast acting solution to rid your bathroom of limescale, but its protective layer also prevents it returning - leaving your shower cleaner longer. If only that could work on your little sport stars too!

3. Fuel their fitness

Keep a snack or two on the side-line for before training or games and during half time when they need a quick boost of energy. Snacks like bananas, oat bars or a handful of nuts will help propel them to victory - and make them less cranky after the game.

4. Keep them motivated

Climbing the sports ladder is not an easy task, even in sports class. It requires commitment and sacrifice. As we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day, so your support and encouragement can be the key to keeping your kids motivated, picking them up when they struggle and helping them follow their dreams.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Be their at-home coach by encouraging them to practice and learn new skills. Get them off the couch and outside by setting up fun obstacle courses for them to complete to keep up their fitness levels and increase their agility. Make it a fun competition and see if they can beat their previous time - and if they do, reward them with an hour in front of the TV or with their favourite snack.

How do you get your kids motivated on the sports field? Share your tips in the comments below.