5 fun pyjama party ideas your young teen will adore

There’s little more exciting for your teen than having friends round for a sleepover. Here are some theme ideas to make it even more memorable.

The invites are out (via social media, naturally) and it’s time to get prepared for your teen’s PJ party.

What’s great about parties for children of this age is that they can help you prep and think of decoration ideas – in fact, they’ll pretty much insist on it! This means, as well as being a bonding experience for you both, it helps hone organisational and planning skills in your teen – and these will always come in handy.

Here are some ideas to get you both inspired…

1. Create a home spa

Think facemasks, hair treatments, and manis and pedis (remember to check with all attendees first that there are no skin sensitivities or allergies you need to be aware of). Set up beauty stations in the designated ‘salon’ – these need be no more complicated than firm cushions covered in towels to rest hands or feet on, with plastic containers to hold the required equipment. Depending on their age, they can then either be left to pamper each other, or get mums and dads involved to do the work, while the young ones relax.

You’ll need to provide:
- A selection of age-appropriate facemasks (avoid any that promise ‘peeling’ effects or similar as the active ingredients will be too harsh on young skin)
- Beauty bands to hold hair off faces
- Nail scissors, files and buffers, nail polish, nail polish remover, hand creams
- Towels, flannels, cotton buds, cotton wool
- Drinks (fruit juice plus club soda, ice cubes in cute shapes, drink decorations)
- Healthy snacks, such as fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate
- An ‘in spa’ play list

2. Make-a-movie night

The beauty of this idea is that there’s a role for everyone – the camera shy can find their place behind it, the creatives of the group will love coming up with the story, while the planners can decide on location and shot sequence. Not to mention hair, make-up and wardrobe – and, of course, the stars of the show! Plus, you’ll have a record of your teen’s birthday party to share with friends and family.

You’ll need to provide:
- The location (i.e. your house, garden or garage)
- Agreed props and wardrobe essentials (try scouring the thrift shops the week or two before for these)
- Hair and make-up kit/accessories
- Video camera/smartphone (if the attendees don’t have their own)
- Access to TV to play it back on a big screen.

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3. Bake their own midnight feast

It wouldn’t be a PJ party without a midnight feast, so why not encourage the kids to bake their own? It’ll be good fun, plus you may even avoid being woken up when they creep downstairs to raid the fridge in the wee small hours...

You’ll need to provide:
- Plenty of dry and wet ingredients for cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc. – agree the bakes with your child beforehand so you can stock up
- Baking trays, mixing bowls, wooden spoons and a couple of hand-held mixers (you could borrow these from other parents)
- Icing and icing tools
- Cake decorations
- Pretty cake stands and plates
- Napkins
- A pack of Flash Wipe & Go Wipes so they can easily and safely clean up as they go.

4. Teens have talent

Why not have them create a talent show either for each other (split the group into pairs or teams) or the parents? Then the floor is theirs – dance routines, songs, comedy shows, mini-plays – the only rules are showing kindness and respect to performers at all times. No need for public dressing downs or ‘helpful’ Simon Cowell-style criticism – remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

You’ll need to provide:
- An appropriate stage/dressing room (your living room and kitchen)
- Props, wardrobe and hair and make-up
- A karaoke machine (optional)
- An audience!

5. Movie night

This is a classic – and for good reason. Tweens and teens alike enjoy nothing more than snuggling down, PJs on, with two or three of their favourite films and bowlfuls of snacks for an evening of pure indulgence. All you have to do is quietly retreat to your designated hidey-hole and leave them to it…

You’ll need to provide:
- Access to your living room and TV
- Access to age-appropriate movies (check with other parents first)
- Snuggly blankets and cushions
- Snacks and drinks

How did you make your teen’s PJ party one to remember? Please leave a comment below and tell us – we’d love to hear your ideas!