4 tips for getting used to dentures

New to dentures? The first month is often the hardest, so we’ve rounded up expert tips on how to feel confident with your new gnashers all day long.

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Transitioning from natural teeth to full or partial dentures can be nerve-wracking. Whether it’s when you’re tucking into something tasty, or laughing with a friend, there might be times when you struggle to feel confident and trust in your new teeth.

One thing to remember is that you are not alone. Some 15 million people in the UK wear partial or full dentures – that’s one in four people – so it’s pretty likely that you know somebody who wears them. The question is, have you actually noticed? New denture technology and care techniques now create a look that is so natural, you probably can’t even tell the difference.

But there is sure to be a period of adjustment, so here are some helpful tips for new denture wearers…

1. Ensure they're secure

From the moment you first start to wear dentures, you may feel a little self-conscious – but using the right denture adhesive cream can make all the difference. Fixodent Plus has unbeatable hold, keeping your dentures secure and in place all day long.

It also prevents food particles from becoming trapped between your dentures and gums. Combined with its antibacterial action for fresher breath, you’ll feel confident and comfortable all day, every day.

2. Practice makes perfect

As you start to wear your dentures, you may notice that some words are particularly troublesome to pronounce. This is very common, but nothing to worry about – you’ll soon get the hang of them again. Until you get used to your dentures, try saying those more difficult words aloud in private. Your mouth will gradually make the subtle adjustments needed to master them and you can chat away without a worry.

3. Always act naturally

Wearing dentures does not mean you should stop laughing, smiling or coughing. Indeed, people are more likely to notice if you aren’t smiling as broadly or laughing as willingly as usual, than they are to notice that you’re wearing dentures, so relax and act as you would usually. With Fixodent Plus, you can be confident that your new dentures will be held comfortably and firmly in place.

4. Give it time

Be patient during the first few weeks, as your new dentures may feel a little awkward. Any looseness should subside once your tongue and cheek muscles instinctively learn to hold them in place.

The key is to persist for a reasonable period of time with the above advice. You will be surprised at just how well your mouth will adjust to compensate for your new dentures. However, if problems do continue, contact your dentist.

For more on what to expect with your new dentures, take a look at the video below…

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