5 tips for sticking to your fitness routine in summer

Keep your motivation - and your cool - when things heat up with our advice on how to stick to your fitness routine in summer.

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When the sun’s shining it can be tough to motivate yourself to exercise – whether that’s because you’re feeling too hot and floppy to want to move, or would just rather be sitting outdoors with a nice cold drink.

But it’s important to stay active through all the seasons, so here are five tips that will help you keep up a summer fitness routine, as well as make the most of the summer sun.

1. Make sure you’re cool and comfortable

Wearing the right gear for your summer workout will make all the difference. That baggy old T-shirt you usually wear to the gym will stick to you like clingfilm if you wear it in the heat when you go through your usual fitness routine in summer.

Instead, invest in a good sports bra, top and trousers in flexible and breathable materials. Check the label to see if it’s “moisture wicking” too, which means it’s woven in such a way that it draws moisture away from the body, keeping you fresh and cool.

Always drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout, especially when it’s hot. And you have your period, try Always Infinity Sanitary Towels, which are made with SmartFoam, so the flexible pad moulds to your body, making it the perfect period protection to wear under fitness gear.

2. Take your summer workout outside

If you’re cancelling your gym class for the third time in a row because you don’t want to be cooped up indoors, see if you can freeze your membership so that you can do your summer workout outdoors instead.

Grab a friend for a game of tennis, go for a swim, or take a jog through the park, stopping at benches to do triceps dips and push-ups to keep your chest and arms working too. This way you can combine enjoying the outdoors with your summer workout.

If you can’t freeze your membership, ditch the car and jog or cycle to the gym. That way you can get your injection of outdoor exercise, and take care of your warm-up at the same time.

3. Time your summer workouts carefully

If you want to stay fit in summer by exercising outdoors, avoid doing it around midday, when the sun is at its hottest. This can make exercise so much harder, plus you’re in danger of dehydrating and overheating.

Instead, an early morning yoga session in the garden will set you up for the day, then do your outdoor workout of choice any time after 4pm.

4. Play in the park

Copying the kids and tearing around outside is a great way to stay fit in summer. And it’s a summer workout that lets you soak up the sunny weather. Join them for a game of football or rounders, or even just clambering up trees and swinging from monkey bars – running, skipping and jumping as you go.

Their boundless energy is inspiring, and you’ll be so busy having fun, you won’t even realise you’re sorting your summer fitness until you’re out of breath!

5. Reward yourself

After your summer workout, take a few minutes to wind down and relax in the sun. Stretch out on the grass and feel it tickling your skin; look up at the blue sky and passing clouds; listen to the bird song and rustling trees. Then just focus on your breath as you enjoy the moment and feel your body winding down after exercise.

You’ll enjoy these “me-minutes” so much that it will help motivate you to do the exercise and stick to your summer fitness plan in the first place!

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