Five ways to get strong and feel amazing

Building strength helps you tackle all the challenges of your day - while looking terrific. Try these suggestions for getting stronger in every way.

Strong is the new beautiful. And getting stronger isn't just one of the most effective ways to look your best - it also means you'll feel better and get through your daily tasks effortlessly.

But building strength doesn't simply mean hitting the gym: you also need to eat well, get plenty of rest and have the right mentality. It's about every part of you working at its best.

So to find out how to get stronger in every way, take a look at our tips below.


If you're fed up with sweating it out on a treadmill to stay fit, strength training could be just the right change of pace. It tones you up fast and makes carrying the weekly shop or wrangling toddlers a cinch. (And don't worry - unless you really want to, you won't get bulky.)

Here are three easy exercises to get you started: squat while holding a dumbbell at your chest like a goblet; lie on a bench while you push weights up over your chest; lift dumbbells from the ground with a straight back and bent knees, pushing up with your legs. As your strength builds, increase the weight.


Psychologists now believe that the key to mental strength is belief in your own ability to change, which they call a "growth mindset". Whether you're building good habits like going to the gym or climbing the career ladder, success is about hard work and persistence, it isn't just for people with natural ability.

And there's evidence that you can build up this inner strength over time. Whenever you step out of your comfort zone, listen out for the voice that says, "you're not good enough" and answer it with one that says, "with time and effort, I will be".


For many of us, the workday means staring at a screen for eight hours or more, and our eyes soon feel the strain. Help keep them healthy by eating plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in fish and greens.

You can also let your eye muscles stretch out and relax during the workday with this little exercise: every 20 minutes, give them a break from focusing on the screen by looking at an object about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. And every two hours, take a 15-minute break to walk around.


Smooth, shiny hair is all about strength. After all, it has to be pretty tough to withstand frequent colouring, curling and blow-drying. But thanks to the Pro-V power in Pantene 3 Minute Miracle, you can revitalise hair from deep within the core, restoring crucial proteins.

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How do you work on staying strong in your daily routine? Share your suggestions in the comments below.