Managing your teenager’s mood swings

Sometimes in puberty nothing can ease the ups and downs your teenage daughter is feeling, but here are some simple tips to help you ‘be there’ for her and enjoy a happier home.

For some of us, the teenage years were punctuated by slamming doors! But even if we got on with our parents and friends most of the time, the experience was full of emotional highs and lows. Remind yourself of  the emotions daughter is likely to be going through now by reading Puberty – how your daughter feels right now  and be reassured that simply being around can be a big help to her – even if she doesn’t ever say it!

5 things you can do

  1. Puberty in girls can be an emotional experience all round, but  reassure her this time will pass. Point out older cousins or friends that she respects that have come through the other side of being a teenager.
  2. Make sure she takes care of herself. Healthy eating is vital, so help her avoid food cravings by giving her plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  3. Encourage your  teenager to exercise. This is good for body and mind. Taking her anger out on a tennis ball or treadmill can also make her feel great again, too.
  4. If she won’t talk to you, try to make sure she has time around an adult she feels comfortable with and who she trusts. You don’t have to know what she’s talking about, just that she has got someone to share her thoughts and questions with. Having someone around to share her feelings with will help her develop emotional intelligence, too.
  5. Nurture the good sides to her school life and hobbies – her brain is growing, and this is a great opportunity to use it.    Creative extra curricular activities  are a great way to express all her new emotions.