Live the age you feel inside

Jane lives with a sensitive bladder, but thanks to the protection and discretion of Always Discreet, she lives every moment to the full.

As many as one in three women in the UK lives with some form of adult incontinence – a condition that often leaves them feeling older than they are and anxious about laughing, sneezing, coughing or even doing exercise. If this sounds familiar, we have good news. With Always Discreet you can gain back the confidence to dress as you please and live the life you want without letting anything hold you back.

It’s also good to know you’re not alone. Read on for Jane’s inspiring story.

Travelling became tricky

Jane lives in Cornwall and has to travel a long way to get anywhere. Before discovering Always Discreet, Jane’s travels required a lot of forethought, like packing a change of clothes, locating the services and even choosing the right colour trousers. Her husband likes to set off early for any journey to beat the traffic, but in the past when they found themselves waiting in places with no toilets nearby, Jane was in agony. Her embarrassment intensified on plane journeys. She always needed to find a loo before boarding, and the long wait onboard before being able to use the cabin toilet, was painful and uncomfortable.

Feeling older than her years

Nobody likes to feel older than they actually are. But living with adult incontinence in the past, made Jane feel a lot older than her years. She was also aware that most people associated her condition with the elderly – and this made her feel awful about herself. There were times when she thought she’d become housebound because after having four children, her condition progressively worsened.

Renewed confidence

These days Jane goes about her daily business full of joie de vivre. “I’ve felt so much more confident since using Always Discreet. They are subtle and light… Nobody needs to know you’re wearing them. They are also really thin which means you can wear your white jeans again with complete confidence and they make those long car journeys much more comfortable. Because they look like normal Always pads, the packs really are discreet.”

Always Discreet helps women with sensitive bladders all over the world to focus on what’s important and live the age they feel inside. With a range of liners, pads and pants all tailored to women’s needs, there’s an Always Discreet product for everyone.

Always Discreet has also recently been awarded as the 2016 Product of The Year Award* in the Bladder Weakness Category.

*Winner Bladder Weakness Category. Survey of 11,586 people in UK & ROI by TNS. Always Discreet Pads and Liners

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Live the age you feel inside