Top tips for talking to your daughter about tampons

We’ve got the answers to all your daughter’s tampon questions, so you can be fully prepared when you get the chance for some girl talk.

Your little girl’s not so little any more, and she’s ready to start using tampons. This is good news because, when wearing the right tampon, she’s sure to feel more comfortable and confident when she’s on her period. But she will need a bit of help from you at first.

Using a tampon for the first time can be daunting, so she’s probably going to have a lot of questions – or need a lot of answers, even though she feels embarrassed to ask.

So to help you cover all those answers a teenage girl will need, here’s a guide to the kinds of things she might want to know.

Am I old enough to use tampons?

As soon as your daughter starts having a period, she’s old enough to use tampons, like Tampax for example. For her first period, she should try using pads to see if her flow is heavy or light. Then you can help her make the best choice for period protection depending on her cycle.

How do I use a tampon? Will it hurt?

Let her know that, as long as she inserts a tampon the right way, she shouldn’t feel any discomfort. To help her learn how to insert it properly, talk her through the instruction manual that comes in the packet.

Typically, she shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon at all. If she feels any discomfort, it’s probably because she hasn’t inserted it far enough, so she should remove that tampon and insert another.

Tampax Compak Pearl is a great beginner’s tampon, as the smooth-touch applicator helps it glide into place, plus it has an anti-slip grip for easy insertion. It also has an extendable applicator, so it comes in a small, super-discreet packet – perfect for a teenage girl who might feel embarrassed about carrying tampons in her bag.

If she’s more concerned about the potential embarrassment of leaking, particularly while she gets to know her flow, then Tampax Cardboard Applicator Tampons are a good choice, as they come with an anti-leak “protective skirt”, which adds an additional level of back-up protection, for extra reassurance.

How often should I change my tampon?

A tampon should be changed every four to eight hours, depending on her flow. But let her know she should never wait longer than eight hours to change it.

What size tampon should I use?

She will have an idea about how heavy her flow is from using pads, but it’s best to use the lowest absorbency tampon she can, while still getting the best protection. The right absorbency tampon will also be the most comfortable.

If she’s having to change her tampon within an hour or two, look to buy her a higher absorbency tampon. On the other hand, if she removes the tampon and it feels stuck or dry, she should try a lighter absorbency.

Do I need to wear a pad with my tampon?

No, but she might find it helpful to wear a pantyliner when she’s getting used to tampons, just to catch any leaks while she figures out what absorbency is best for her. Always Pantyliners, for example, offer thin protection that can be a good back-up for tampon use.

Should I use tampons with cardboard or plastic applicators?

This is totally up to her. She could start with Compak Pearl when she’s first learning to insert a tampon. Then she can always move onto Tampax Cardboard Applicator Tampons once she feels more comfortable.

Can I wear a tampon overnight?

Yes she can – tampons can be worn for up to eight hours during the day or night. They will give her full protection and stay in place no matter how much she moves around when she sleeps.

However, remember that a tampon must be removed after eight hours, so if she typically sleeps more than eight hours in a night (hello lazy weekends!), she should use a pad instead – Always Platinum Secure Night Sanitary Towels, for example.

Can I use tampons for discharge?

No, she should only use tampons for her period. But do let her know that a little discharge is normal, and that she can use Always Pantyliners to feel fresh and dry.

Can I use tampons when I’m doing sports, or swimming?

Tampons are a great choice for when she’s doing any physical activities, because a tampon is inside the body, so she won’t feel it, and no one will notice – even if she has to wear a tight-fitting outfit for something like ballet or gymnastics. Plus tampons are the only suitable form of menstrual protection while swimming, so she will definitely want to use one then.

We hope this helps. For more guidance, and to shop the Tampax range, click here.

Top tips for talking to your daughter about tampons